Electronics of yesteryear

I went out on Monday night to see if there was any food being thrown out at a local store (there was, and I got a bunch of fruit). I came across these bags along the way, put out on a non-garbage night. One of the bags was completely full of travel photos and another bag was mostly photos as well. The other bags had some doorknob and doorknob pieces, sink faucets, and vintage-y electronic stuff. I focused on the electronics and took a bunch back with me.

This Sony headset looks pretty sturdy. I bet it was pretty good in the 80s, and might still be pretty good. It has a weird two-pronged hookup at the end.

This Sony “Foot Switch” was intended for some kind of musical purpose. It looks pretty much unused.

Remember these? Some old rabbit ears are sell-able, but these ones aren’t particularly exceptional so I’m not going to try.

A whole bunch of speaker wire.

Some kind of fasteners.

A Zenith RF Converter. I have no idea what that means.

Finally, a 900 mhz transmitter and receiver (which seems to be some kind of wireless thing so that two TVs can play the same thing at once). There’s also a two channel amplifier which is probably for a stereo system.

Now, what am I going to do with this stuff? Most I’m giving away via Craigslist (someone already seems to be interested), and I’m going to take a shot at selling the wire and two channel amplifier on Ebay. Not sure how that’ll work out, but I’ll let you know!

4 thoughts on “Electronics of yesteryear”

  1. Had that exact pair of headphones and tape recorder as a kid. RF converter is the same kind of thing you used to hook up an NES or SNES to your tv.

  2. All things are relative, my life journey leads me to think they came from someone that may have been involved in setting up sound and video for a church. I’ve seen fellows at our churches over the years have similar stuff. Ha. Could also be from a school or tech college.

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