An assortment of trays


Yesterday was rainy as advertised. I didn’t do a morning run and contemplated not going on an evening run either. The weather cleared up a bit later in the day, however, so I did manage to get out and check out the trash.

I came across this pile of bags behind an apartment complex on Papineau. Most of it was pretty foul smelling crap, I reckon full of the junk people put down the trash chutes, but some of the bags (with the red ribbons) were different and looked to contain an emptied-out apartment.

Most of the trash was kitchen and bathroom stuff. I saved a few cans of food, some of which I left on Papineau and some of which I took, including a six-pack of V8 and a can of root beer I thought my room-mate might want. There was also a collection of maps from a road trip in the 70s.


There were four nice old trays in the bags. This one is my favorite, an ornate silver plate tray by Wilcox. It has a great design in the centre that features a couple of birds. They’re a bit hard to see in this picture but any information as to the type of birds they are would be appreciated!


This is another silver plate tray, this time by WMA Rogers. In the centre is engraved “de tes amis, 24 Janvier 1957” (from your friends, January 24 1957). It needs a cleaning but it’s in good shape.



There were also a couple of green glass platters. They’re pretty heavy and look vintage. Could they be depression glass? Regardless, they’re quite nice.


I think this little tray is silver plate too but there’s no markings to confirm this. I’ll have to try to clean it to find out for sure.


Finally an old tin, which when I found it contained some Red Rose tea bags.


On the way home I came across this box of bread behind a bakery on Mont-Royal. I took home a few loaves. It all looked fine and was probably just day (or two) olds.

I haven’t really been “dumpster diving” much. The thrill of finding treasure has been too strong and I haven’t bothered to look for food. Regardless, finding this bread saves me a bit of money. I put it in the freezer to use later.

I made a couple of sales yesterday – a catchers mitt for 10$ and a 10 karat gold cross for 35$, both of which were sold via Craigslist. I’m happy with how much I got for the cross, it represents a nice profit over what I would have gotten for simple melt value. I may put more jewelry on CL going forward.

It’s going to be a big weekend for moving. I might take an aimless bike ride on Sunday just to see what’s out. The big day, however, will be July 1st. I encourage everyone to take to the streets and see what people are leaving behind! I can’t take everything and frankly I don’t want to. However, there will be a lot of good stuff, especially household items and clothes. Check out my “tips” section if you want advice.



My run of the Plateau was mostly dry. However on the home stretch, which today was the alley adjacent to St Denis, I came across this pile of bags with some good stuff inside.


Inside one of the bags was another bag that contained four older cameras. I don’t think any of them are particularly valuable but a lot of people still appreciate the vintage look these cameras can produce.


There was also a slide projector. I tested it and it seems to work fine! Along with all this were four boxes (three carousels) full of slides, most of which appear to have been taking in the late 70s and early 80s.

The projector isn’t super valuable but it should come in handy. I can check out the slides I’ve found and see if they’re worth digitizing for my new garbage photo blog. I also have an Aurora Conqueror projection screen so I have a pretty good setup for viewing slides.

Tomorrow is looking like a bit of wash for garbage with lots of rain in the forecast. I’ll probably still go out for my evening run but I may take a pass on the morning.

Duelling propagandas


Last night I took a little walk. It was recycling night in my area and someone had put out these running shoes. They fit me pretty well and they’re in very good shape. I’m going to keep them as some of my other shoes are starting to fall apart.


I got up early this morning to check out Outremont and Rosemont. I don’t go to Outremont too often (lower population density means less bang for your buck trash-wise) but I decided to check back on a place where I found some nice stuff previously (in my June 20th post). I didn’t find anything there but I came across another good spot not far away.

It was mostly books and other little bits of ephemera. I took home a selection of the things that stuck out the most.


This is an old unused sticker. I think whoever used to own this was a Russian Jew, as a lot of the books involved Judaism and Russia.


A book for parents of one to six year old children from 1951. It includes an interesting chapter about the fears kids get at that age. They don’t really sound that much different (simpler, maybe) than the ones us adults experience.


This geography textbook was published way back in 1945.



This book, published in 1963, is a cool artefact from the Cold War. It matches well with another book from the Soviet perspective…



Both are pretty clear propaganda pieces. The Soviet book focusses on how great the education system is while American book tries its hand at fear mongering. It’s interesting to see in writing how extreme the “us versus them” thing was in those Cold War days.


I brought this odd, definitely home-made fellow home and put him out as a decoration by my front stoop.

Nearby was this heating plate thing in it’s original box. A woman came out and told me “c’est neuf neuf neuf.” At first I was all like “it’s 9 9 9?” and then I realized she meant “it’s new.” Nine and new are the same word in French. Anyways, kind of funny. I brought it home and left it for someone else to take as I don’t have a barbecue regardless.


On the way back I spotted this wooden lamp. The cord was cut off, probably by a scrap-metal scavenger, but that’s pretty easy to fix. It’s a nice piece marked as being made out in L’assomption.

I’m not used to getting up early. I’m going to take a nap to make up for the lost sleep before heading out to the western Plateau later tonight.