Site News: Etsy store now live

I’m happy to announce that my Etsy store is finally up and running! I have 20 things on there, which I figure is enough to call it a store. I should be adding more things soon as I still have a lot of stuff in my room (a lot of which is ephemera). The store revolves nearly exclusively on the vintage stuff I’ve found.

I do my research on each item to try to ascertain the “market value” of the items. I strive to have competitive prices and also to make a little salary from the hours I’ve invested. Etsy listings last four months before having to be renewed, so I figure if a listing lasts three months without selling I’ll put it on sale. Something to keep in mind if you see something but you’re not sure if you want to spend that kind of cash.

Without further ado, here it is!

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