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4 thoughts on “Press”

  1. Hello, I’m a Concordia student, writing an article on garbage. Came across your blog and, well, you can imagine… I would love to chat with you, particularly this important garbage weekend with moving day around the bin. Please contact me!
    Cheers, Katherine

  2. Hi Martin, my name is Valentine and I’m a journalist for L’Itinéraire magazine. I want to write an article about you, let me know if you’re interested.
    Thank you! Valentine

  3. I know Ville Émard is a mostly working class neighborhood.But it has several quaint old homes and they throw out old treasures in the trash.Yesterday on Émard street late in the morning outside a home there were 15 or 20 boxes thrown out.Apparently rénovations were taking place there.
    Most of the stuff in the boxes did not seem interesting.But I rescued two POPULAR MECHANICS magazines from 1960.I also found two antique ashtrays there and took home a couple of vintage French books.
    Only old houses generally throw out vintage stuff and old magazines like that.
    Also last week in Ville Émard I found porcelain ducks,a porcelain rooster and several vases in the trash in Ville Émard.I was Lucky to be able to take them to my home.
    Ville Émard does produce treasures because many of its homes are from before 1960.

    1. I like working class neighbourhoods, but I usually go to places like the Plateau / Mile End, Rosemont, St Michel, and Ahuntsic because they are easier to get to. There are good finds to be made pretty much anywhere, especially places with at least 40-50 years of history as Ville Emard does. I’ve found a few things there over the years, like a Murano fish vase I sold on eBay and some old records that are fairly valuable (mentioned in this post: I haven’t been there this year, however.

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