More things from the other day

I found this dog picture painted on Kodak photo paper. It’s pretty big and pretty fun. I think it’ll look good above the toilet in the bathroom.

Some old recipes books.

Another old recipe book…

It was partly to promote the Purity brand of flour and oats produced by the Western Canada Flour Mills Company. The owner inscribed it in 1915, so I reckon that’s around when this book was made.

There’s a lot of stuff in here, not just things involving Purity products. This page is recipes of stuff intended to be jarred, like pickles. There’s a weird recipe involving putting an egg in coffee that I might have to try too.

In the back of the cookbook there were some recipes hand-written on old paper (this is a higher quality image, so if you want to try to read it you can. The handwriting’s not super neat).

Here’s an old “Archie” magazine with a french magazine on Film from 1949.

A look at the inside of the film magazine.

Here’s a cool wood and ceramic pepper shaker. I like the design of it. There’s no markings on it but I imagine it’s old enough.

Here’s “Dad’s Prayer,” which looks to be hand-written with a fountain pen. When I first found this the brother of the man who passed away asked politely if he could have it back. I agree and he took it inside with him. Later he came out again and handed it to me. He said I could have it, clearly emotional, and then walked by himself down the street, lost in thought.

Here’s a transcription:

Dad’s Prayer

Oh lord, bless this house
Make it a home we love to live in.
God, bless the people who live in it.
Give us love, contentment, peace of mind,
Joy of heart, perfect health.
Lord give us many other good things
Give us ample supplies to live in the present
And make the future safe and secure.

I should have more up tomorrow.

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3 thoughts on “More things from the other day

  1. Your grandma has a Purity Cookbook too, though I think hers dates from the 1940s or 1950s.

    Maybe this place would be interested in any vintage cookbooks you find.
    and this site has some good references

  2. Hi, I’ve been following and lurking for a couple of wks. I love seeing your treasures. I don’t have a clue why but I love old things – I love history too so maybe I am interested in old things because of the story within them. I have a recipe bk from 1905, the oldest thing I own. It is a salad recipe bk with some similar to the pages you’ve shown from your 1915 one. I find it hard to imagine anyone making the recipes because they seem like such hard work and odd flavors compared to what we have today.

  3. […] The only thing I ended up taking was this enlarged photo of a cat, which is undeniably cute and a seemingly good companion for this dog picture I found here. […]

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