Out West

Hey y’all. Long time no talk.

There isn’t much in the way of garbage out here in the Wild West. I’m in Grande Prairie, one of the fastest growing oil towns out here. It’s grown more than double it’s size (from around 26k to 55k) since 1986, and that’s coming from only 8k in 1961 and only being settled by pioneers starting in 1911. As a result, it’s pretty sprawled out, not particularly old, and mostly serviced by big box stores. That isn’t a recipe for great, interesting garbage. The trash bins and dumpsters (as opposed to bags left on the curb) don’t help a garbage picker out much either.

Nevertheless, the trip has been good. And I did find this vintage (ladies) bike propped up next to a dumpster. It’s not a special brand or anything, your basic Canadian Tire brand Supercycle, but it looks kind of cool because it’s older and still runs pretty good. Once I found it, I only needed to pump up the tires and adjust the back wheel a bit before I gave it a good ride. As for it being a ladies bike, I’m not too picky about that.

Anyways, the tires are pretty old, with the front being workable and the back being one good pot-hole away from extinction. Otherwise, it’s in pretty good shape, other than a knocking sound when I pedal. I figure it’s still worth around 40$, regardless.

I found a chair last time I was here. I’ll post pictures of that soon. I may also post pictures of the insides of dumpsters here. Not too exciting I know, but hey, it’s something right?

If you miss Montreal trash, I should be back around the beginning of August, give or take a few days.