Vintage 1988 Cheez Whiz

I found this jar of Cheez Whiz in the trash a while back and decided to have some fun with it. I put it on Craigslist in the barter section. I’m sure the offers will come piling right in 😉

See the post here.

One thought on “Vintage 1988 Cheez Whiz

  1. From ( this nugget: “Kraft Foods says to use within 5 mos after the expiration date when opened. Cheez Whiz uses a process known as Aseptic processing and has a 210 day shelf life when unopened.”

    So I guess it would be best to use this jar of Cheez Whiz as a kitchen ornament, or a doorstop. 😀

    You might want to hang on to this website for future reference – (shelf life of foods after opening).

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