“Pelham Puppets” marionette dolls

A few days ago I came across these marionette dolls lying in a box on the curb on top of some other, less interesting stuff.

I took them home and did some research. They were made by “Pelham Puppets” in England, which is a fairly collectible brand that made various types of puppets from the 1940-1986. These two guys were probably created sometime in the 70s based on their plastic legs and the form of their knee joints.

The company made all kinds of different models of marionette dolls. I think the girl might be a “Ballerina”, but I couldn’t really find a match for the guy.

They are in pretty good shape overall. All the strings were wound up, so I ended up just cutting those off (I figure restringing them is easy). The ballerina’s white clothes could use a bleach, but other than that they look great.

I think I’ll put them up on the craigslist barter section and see if anyone wants to make me an offer for these two dolls.

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