Baking with garbage

The other day on the corner of Mont-Royal and Cartier I came across this box of apples on the side of the road. A local grocery puts the older produce on the curb about once a week. It’s nice because it gives people a chance to easily take the stuff before it’s hauled off. Still wasteful, but way better and way more thoughtful than the “garbage prisons” that the more corporate grocers tend to make where there’s no hope in hell that you can get in.

Anyways, I took maybe half this box. The apples were all fairly wrinkly, and in the past I’ve often thrown out apples that looked like these ones did. However,  I’m trying to take my food a little less for granted and I knew the apples were fine. The man bringing out the trash assured me they were good too, so that settled it.

Anyways, with some inspiration from my roommate’s apple crisp I decided to make one myself! Using this recipe off, I ended up making a pretty good crisp.

It doesn’t look like much, but I assure you it tasted really good! Maybe next time I’ll put a bit on a plate with some ice cream and photograph it like that. Regardless, three of the ingredients in the recipe (apples, sugar (found a couple of weeks ago) and butter (found yesterday) were salvaged from the trash.

It was a good learning experience all around. I’ve never made an apple crisp before, and learned that wrinkly apples are still pretty tasty!

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  1. Having a food dehydrator can be handy as well if you are into dried fruits and if you tend to find more than you can eat. Apple crisp is probably one of the most delicious things that could happen, though. Mmm!

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