This evenings finds

I found a bunch of translation books on Clark near Mont-Royal. There were a lot more books here, but I didn’t have the room. I think they were being thrown out from someone’s office space. I need to get a bike trailer.

I put all the books I did take (and a stapler, figurine, little plate thing, and vintage stuffed animal) in a “free box.” These are new to Montreal this summer. I like them a lot, as it gives me a place to put stuff I don’t necessarily want but I want other people to take.

I found this really cool standing ashtray. I’m sure if it wasn’t pretty busted on the bottom it’d be worth a nice amount of money. As it was though, I stashed it in an alley for someone else to take or me to come back to.

I picked up the little table. It’s in excellent condition and it’s pretty good for use in a small space where you might want to put a lamp or a drink. I’d bet the other stuff (speakers and table) were good based on the way they were put out, but I didn’t really need either.

I found this bike unlocked next to some trash bags and wondered if it was garbage or not. Upon closer observation, the tires were both flat (and ancient) at the very least. It was dark so I couldn’t see, but I brought it back with me for a better look tomorrow.

I found these on one of the roads going north between St Laurent and St Denis. The organic olive oil may be off, but the maple syrup is damn tasty (I tasted it already!). Both were unopened when I found them. There’s solid flakes at the bottom, but I figure that this is normal with sugary stuff. That’s a good 20$ worth of maple syrup I reckon, so I’m pretty happy with that alone.

Another day, another little bottle of liquor. From the same spot. This stuff is White Label, but it has little flakes floating in it. Otherwise it looks okay and is unopened. Should I be concerned?

A nice little plate from a likely defunct Montreal restaurant. I’m putting this in our collection.

One of the most awesome key holders I’ve ever seen, found with the olive oil and the maple syrup. It’s going up somewhere in my place.

A pack of four matchbooks made for BP (British Petroleum). Back in the day it was a “World respected name in petroleum products and services.” Fair to say that’s taken a hit eh?

An ages old pack of cigarettes. Cigarettes included. Definitely from Eastern Europe, possibly Russia? It’s in really good shape, so maybe it’d be really good as a prop for a movie. Maybe you could smoke them, but they don’t smell so hot.

That’s all for now. There was more small stuff, but I’ll have to get to that later!

8 thoughts on “This evenings finds”

  1. Cherubs at the base of an ashtray? Hmmm.

    Speaking of bases, the metal base on that little pedestal table looks almost art deco in style. Are there any markings on the metal?

    I hope the bike turned out to be a good one. It’s good to have a backup.

    The sediment in maple syrup is harmless; it is not always totally filtered in the refining process. The olive oil may still be okay (depends on how much it was filtered). Carm is a good one and sells for about $25. Give it a taste test like you did the maple syrup. On see this:

    “Generally speaking, a young EVO oil will be fresh and even perky with aromas and flavors. As time goes by, the filtered EVO oils will mellow, becoming softer and milder – but still quite pleasant. Unfiltered EVO oils may develop off-smells and flavors at any time, largely depending on storage conditions. Eventually, all oils will turn rancid.”

    That key holder is pretty darned kitschy, but I’m glad you like it. 🙂

    Regarding the white particles in the unopened booze, look at this … or send a query to these folks I’m guessing it’s okay to drink.

    The cigarettes are Russian. Try contacting these people and/or I’m sure somebody will want to buy them.

    1. On the bottom is written “Swan” and “Piper.”

      It’s definitely an older oil (it says the crop was in 2009) but it may still have some life left. It looks like it would have been pretty high quality at some point.

      Thanks again for the links, they are helpful.

  2. Martin, may I humbly suggest you could drop the “Hopefully,” from your subtitle? I do believe you’ve proved this to be both fun and thought provoking!

  3. Hey, awesome finds, you live in NYC right? The cigarettes are Ukrainian (well from Soviet Union) 🙂 from Lviv, which is modern day Ukraine. But they are called Aurora, named after a famous battleship that’s now docked permanently in St. Petersburg, Russia

    1. I’m actually from Montreal 🙂

      Thanks for the info! That makes sense, since the people talked to said the old woman was from the Ukraine.

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