Newspapers galore

Finally getting to those papers I found a couple weeks back! Here’s a collection of newspapers – not the only cool “ephemera” (printed stuff) that I got, but it’s a start.

These papers go from 1963 to 1975, and cover some big events I do recognize – Expo 67, the moon landing, Charles De Gaulle talking about stuff – and a bunch of stuff that I’ve never really heard of but may be quite important as well.

I was learning how to take better photographs of papers as I went, so some pictures are definitely better than others. Most you may be able to zoom in and read the print, and others you may not. My apologies for the fuzzier stuff.

Either way, take a look!

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5 thoughts on “Newspapers galore

  1. Tourism Oxford says:

    I love old newspapers, especially ones from the 1800’s.

  2. Life’s a constant learning curve. If you stop learning, it’s time to start pushing up daisies. 🙂

    So what are you going to do with the papers?

    You could put them up for sale on kijiji and/or EBay. There’s a collector for virtually everything, it seems.

    Take a look at these article: &

    • yuhaiwing says:

      I think I can find buyers for the Expo 67 ones for a decent amount, and then maybe the rest I can sell for a few bucks each at my next yard sale. Thanks for those links!

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