Some of the things from yesterday

Here’s some of the stuff I found last night. There’s still some stuff to go through, but this is all I can handle tonight.

I found these little pictures with the ladies shoes from yesterday. They look like they were made from some kind of kit.

I usually avoid taking fabric from the garbage, but this blanket was too gorgeous to leave behind. I threw it in the wash, and now it’s on my bed. I’m a sucker for things with a lot of colors. This, and all the following were things I found in that last pile of stuff from my last post.

Some pretty nice vintage mugs. The mark on the bottom reads: “Ashdale Pottery Products, Made in England.” A few small chips around the top, but definitely still good.

A good frisbee. Copyright date is 1975. It’s made by Wham-o, who I’m pretty sure invented the frisbee.

This alarm clock / calculator / tape recorder was in it’s original package, and appears to have barely, if ever, been used. Everything in perfect shape. I need to test the calculator / alarm clock, as it runs off a different battery, but the tape recorder works for sure (and the batteries were included, and left on the side).

Seems like a pretty odd combination of things, but I find it pretty charming. I’ll probably keep it.

An old Solingen knife. The knife casing reads “Sois Pret” (be prepared), so it might be an old boy scout knife. Does anyone recognize that symbol?

Handcuffs! And these aren’t fake. The key is included too. Pretty interesting thing to find.

A couple of old cameras. One’s an old foldout, and the other is an old Soviet Kalimar. There’s a couple of lens’ too, both fitting the Kalimar. They seem to be in pretty good shape. I may be interested in keeping the Kalimar. Looking through the lens makes me think it would take some nice vintage shots, and the different lens’ make it pretty versatile. I don’t know how to use these old film cameras at all, but it’s worth looking into for sure.

Finding this also makes me really want to upgrade to a manual digital SLR. I was playing around with the settings a bit, and it was cool how much control you had over what you saw.

That’s all for now! I expect to have some more for you tomorrow afternoon, most of which is from the same pile. It’s also garbage day, so I should get have some fresh stuff too.

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