Some stuff from yesterday and from before

The board on top reads “Puces de lit [bed bugs].” Thanks for the warning.

I found this box of books somewhere near St Denis. I took only the one on the top about the hospital, and the rest I put in a more visible location right along St-Denis. Most were French, but I probably would have done the same if they were English.

I looked into the bins near a swanky apartment complex near Laurier and La Jeune. I found all these records and put them on Laurier for others to look through.

From the bins I pulled all this stuff too. An awful picture I know, but the blanket is quite vintage, some boots (I also left on Laurier – someone took them by the time I left), a dirty old tray (that cleaned up quite nice) and a polaroid camera.

I found all this stuff with the handcuffs and camera and such. A lot of these pins are really cool, and their coolness isn’t at all captured by my camera. This is the best I can do with my current technology.

A lot of them are for skiing, one is for the 1968 Olympics, and I don’t know what a lot of the other ones are references. The marijuana leaves seem like the odd ones out, but I found them in the same pile.

I found this Olympic flag with all that stuff too. I’m wondering if it’s from 1968 in Grenoble, since he had a pin from there too. I also found flags of Switzerland, Italy, and Germany.

I found all these old heavy glass mugs, and really nice heavy glass pitcher. Now I have two really cool heavy glass pitchers from the garbage, though this one’s way older than the Budweiser one I found a while back. The pottery pieces are marked “Orchids of Hawaii” and “Taiwan,” which seem a bit contradictory.

I rummaged this little musical box out of the bin. It looks pretty old. It’s marked “Switzerland, Lador, Ste-Croix.”

A bunch of little things from the bins. My camera fails hard on these kinds of shots.

Some more little things. The statue of liberty thing is a lighter, but I’m not sure it works. I might open it up at some point and poke around.

Some of my favorites from the bin. The ring on the bottom with the two holding hands is sterling silver, as is the other ring. The tie-clip (or roach clip) is super classy. My friend told me the deal on top may be bronze. The “Cuzco Peru” llama bottle opener is just cool. It’s probably made of brass.

The holding hands ring opens up into this. I don’t get it.

A cute little owl. I’m keeping this one. It’s only about an inch tall.

There’s a word for this thing, but I forget what it is. My friend thinks it’s legit. The other side states the Kilo-newtons it can support, and it looks like it can support around 1500lbs one way and 6000 the other.

Back on the streets, a couple of friends and I found this stuff. Some cool old maps and some other things.

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  1. great great blog man! a tip – students in the mcgill ghetto area will be going mad moving out of their houses in the next few days, and you know what it’s like when rich kids move, they leave a lot of nice stuff behind. just a thought that crossed my mind the other day when i was walking around that area. m

  2. I’ve got to agree with Maria. Which equals bad timing for leaving town, mais c’est la vie.

    What a great bunch of stuff and things! I’m thinking you might get a bit of money for some of that Olympic stuff. Do your research!

    The mystery thingie is called a “carabiner” … see

    The interlocking ring is pretty cool. See

    Wish I could make out some of the smaller things more clearly. Great haul!

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