Some pretty interesting stuff

I wasn’t feeling so hot today, but I still managed a good walk. I didn’t regret it, although I’m pretty tired now.


I started off finding a box full of old papers. Most papers seemed to be cutouts from old magazines, mostly of recipes. There were some old photos in that envelope, so I took it to look at later. I’ll let you know if I find anything particularly interesting in there.

There’s an unused ledger from my birthyear (1987), and racist looking old recipe book from VH.


I got these old school women’s shoes from the same spot. They looked vintage, clean, and pretty ballin’, so I took them, even though I’m far from a shoe expert. 

I found a pair of shoes online that look like the one’s on the left (the Ferncraft), and they sold for 96$ from what I can see, so maybe I can get some money for them. I like the “Made in Hollywood” stamp.

The others are of “Oomphies” brand. I did a Google search of them, but didn’t find any that looked like them. It might help if I knew what these kind of shoes were called. 


I was in the area, so I checked out the garbage at the second-hand store on Gilford. I didn’t find too much, but I took these.


I was searching through a nice pile (as seen below), and some women walked by and noticed this really old stove. It was a pretty nice piece and weighed about 10000 pounds, like all those old stoves do. I offered my help to get it in their SUV, and we got it in. They seemed like pretty nice people, and were thankful for my help. I’m glad someone got to use it.

I like this picture. They didn’t know I took it, obviously. I enjoy taking authentic “life as it is” photographs. The kicked is the “life is good” over the spare tire on the back of the SUV. 


I looked through this pile for a while. What was in it? Check back tomorrow 😉

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  1. Nice trip around. I enjoyed the extra little “slice of life” with the women and the old stove. Hope you’re feeling better today. Maybe it was something you ate? I can’t advise you on women’s shoes, alas, as I’ve never been a connoisseur of said apparel. The books look interesting.

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