Recent sales (May & June)

eBay sales

May: 12 sales for 1521.50$

June: 18 sales for 1357$.

Total: 30 sales for 2878.50$. With fees at around 10%, my profit on that is roughly 2590$.

Macbook Pro: 175$. I found this while biking in Outremont back in the spring. It worked but slowly, making me think that the hard drive was an issue. Still, a MacBook Pro in nearly any condition is worth selling on eBay.

Pal Kepenyes yin-yang necklace: 375$. As seen in the last post!

Isamu Nogachi vintage paper lamp: 325$. Ditto!

14k necklace clasp: 150$. I would have scrapped this in the past, but I found out that there’s a good market for jewelry findings on their own, especially a fancier looking piece like this. It ended up selling for over twice its value in scrap.

Gulden prism set: 100$. An optometry doohickey, part of a larger optometry haul that I didn’t get around to mentioning here. However, one piece in particular is very cool, and I’ll show you a picture eventually.

Speakman Anystream No.1: 210$. I’ve found two of these now, and both sold fairly quickly for 210$. They date back to the 50s (you can see some of the patent info in the middle) and are very heavy, made with chrome plated brass. It needed a good cleaning with CLR but was definitely worth the effort.

Silver George Jensen bracelet, No. 142B: 350$. Georg Jensen is one of the finest names in silver, and I made sure to get top dollar for this piece.

Local auction sales

3693$ – 923.25$ (commission fees) – 166$ (listing fees) = 2603.75$

Dualit toaster: 65$. Found at the bottom of a recycling bin in Cote St-Luc.

10k gold heart pendant: 40$. A piece from that Rosemont gold haul. I’m happy with this price. After fees I’m still getting around 1.5x the scrap value, and I doubt putting the work into listing it on eBay would have provided enough extra value to make the process worthwhile.

2 Nintendo DS Lites + games: 85$. I actually tested these ones – they worked fine. Found not far from Dawson College.

19.2k Portuguese gold ring: 95$. Another piece from that Rosemont haul. Again, I’m happy to have gotten above scrap here. It had diamonds and a pearl, but none were exceptional enough to be worth much on their own. I included a nice Birks box, I find them fairly regularly and they’re great for displaying the item.

90.70 in Euro coins: 130$. My collection of Euros got too big so I dumped them off on the auction house. It’s largely a symbolic victory but I was happy to get a little above a 1:1 exchange rate after fees. 1 Euro is worth 1.50 CAD right now, but finding someone to pay the exchange rate for coins is pretty difficult. I had similar results with a smaller lot of British pound coins.

Antique English semi-porcelain serving dish: 38$. Old china is a tough sell in general right now but this piece did pretty well. It made it to the curb unscathed! Found while walking around the Mile End.

Vintage exit lamps: 140$. I found this box full of them outside of a big apartment building near downtown when I was driving around with my mom. We didn’t go on a long trash run, but this find made it a profitable one!

Pineapple light: 36$. These spent a lot of time in my garage before I brought them to auction. I figured I should pair them with some other vintage light fixture, but all along they were cool enough for a lot of their own. Pineapples are in right now.

Peanuts garbage can: 20$. This isn’t a terrible price, but I’m kinda wishing I had just kept it!

Pokemon cards: 46$. With the help of family I was able to process a bunch of cards from that massive haul in the winter (I still have that horseshoe in my car by the way, it seems to be working!). This is just one of several lots, but they all sold for between 32-46$ (other than the Cardfight!! Vanguard ones, which were closer to 20$). There’s definitely money to be made but I decided it’s not worth driving myself crazy trying to find a valuable Charizard or whatever. These cards aren’t that old anyways, so it’s less likely that any particular one will be super valuable (most of the ultra expensive cards are from the early editions). Even after selling about 12 thousand cards, I still have huge boxes full of unsorted ones under my bed. That might end being a good winter project.

Vintage Fisher Price hospital: 42$. Found in Cote-des-Neiges.

Jacques Cartier bridge plans: 55$. I think this one had something to do with drainage. I had some others, but most were more technical. Still, the drawings were pretty cool!

Untested console lot: 65$. I hate testing electronics. Fortunately, they do pretty well at auction even when I don’t.

Copper fish cooking pot: 140/2$. I split the profit with a friend because we found it together and he helped clean it up. It was a real pain making this thing look shiny, but I guess it was worth it – it sold at the high end of what I was expecting.

Silver necklace: 40$. I found this several years back and wasn’t able to sell it on eBay or Etsy. I’m happy with the price I got here. The stones were probably rough rubies, and the necklace was probably Indian.

Lot of gaming controllers: 38$. Untested, but probably fine.

Big lot of glass chandelier dangles: 34$.

Glass case with old junk: 48$. I’m pretty happy with this price! Oh, and I didn’t include the coins with the lot. I have more research to do before I feel comfortable selling those.


5193.75$, 18263.95$ halfway through 2019. At this pace I will easily beat my previous records!





15 thoughts on “Recent sales (May & June)”

  1. Excellent result. Congrats! The addad auction outlet has really helped to bump up sales, and free up more time for other aspects. That was a smart move. May the pace of sales make this the best year ever.

  2. I was visiting family in Montreal this past week. First time going in awhile when there was no snow on the ground. I can’t get over how much stuff people just put out on the curb. It must be a Montreal thing. I saw lots of lamps, dressers and things that I could not fit into my car while driving around with family. Scored some lego, a Monopoly and a Risk game that made my 7 year old very happy. He would never believe people threw away Pokemon cards. That is a great find.

  3. Wow Martin! Those are all good sales! Love the jewelry, exit signs and the FP hospital. You work so hard so it’s great to see you do so well!

    1. Great haul, Martin! That Dualit toaster is fab. They are handmade in the UK and very sturdy. I can’t get over how people throw away lovely china and jewelry. Keep up the good work!

  4. Wow….great post as usual..i had the same toaster…my mother in law gave to me years ago…for some reason my then husband took to work…not sure why…someone threw it away!! Don’t miss him but i still miss the toaster….

  5. The paper lamp is amazing! I would never have guessed that it could be worth so much. Love your posts as usual. Thank you for doing them!

  6. Some good stuff! I love that silver necklace with the pink stones. If I’d know you had it before you sold it I would have definitely paid you $40. for it! It’s just one of the type of silver jewelry pieces that make me go “Yum!”

    Lots of other interesting items, too, like the pretty porcelain serving dishes and that gorgeous yin-yang necklace. Good going, Martin! But, oh that silver and pink necklace…ah, well, I guess I just wasn’t meant to have it…sigh.

  7. I got a mention. Woot! 🙂
    May your sales numbers continue on an upward trajectory … and the direction of your overall life, as well.
    Keep up the great work, Martin.

  8. Those Exit covers are so cool! I love to see your profits. You mentioned “the book” recently. Can’t wait to display it on my coffee table. I am always telling people about the incredible finds you save from the landfill.

  9. What you do — week in, week out — continues to inspire and uplift me (once I’ve recovered from the ongoing shock of what human beings choose to throw away!!!) You are a treasure!!!

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