Servire Populo pt.3

Here’s another collection of fun junk from that house in St Michel. It hasn’t produced many finds of late, but it seems like a new crop of trash makes its way to the curb every three weeks or so. None of the recent junk has been as interesting as my previous finds, but I’ll keep an eye on the place nonetheless.

I staged these two shots using an old drawer I found on the curb in Rosemont. I think they look pretty good! I may use it more going forward.

That KFC thing is inflatable, any ideas as to what it could be?

I liked these old chalkware pieces. I’d guess they were bought at a tourist shop somewhere in the Carribean in the 50s or 60s. They sold at one of my last yard sales of the season.

That swan was a funny DIY project. I forget if it actually served a purpose, but I do remember that there was an actual brick in the bottom of it. These folks were crafty, that’s for sure. The swan ended up selling for a dollar.

Those house embroideries are always fun to find. That Roseline wall plaque (also chalkware) is cool, though I can’t find a reference to the ship itself.

These old puzzles and games should be a hit at my next yard sale, which unfortunately is still many months away.

This folding rocking chair was actually pretty decent. The crochet covering though was a bit worn out. Fortunately, it could be easily removed.

This midcentury-ish lamp is still around, and should fetch a decent price.

I also found these two unusual prints featuring mimes. They’re kinda neat (or creepy, depending who you ask) and should sell at next year’s yard sale.

Otherwise, it’s official – I have the bigger garage! I have a lot of organizing to do, but once that’s done I’ll have more space to work with than ever before. I should be able to save more garbage as a result, and I think the blog will improve as well.

A while back I talked about doing an IndieGogo campaign to buy my car. However, now I think it makes more sense to do one to fund the purchase of the equipment I’ll need to make the space great. Good shelving racks are a must, and I also want to create a medium-size photo studio so that the pictures I take there are top-notch. So much stuff doesn’t make the blog simply because I don’t have an easy way to take quality group shots of larger miscellaneous objects. Anyways, I’ll keep you posted on that front.

I found a bit of neat stuff today in Outremont, including a 1$ bill from 1967. It might be a while before those things make the blog though, as a fair number of them are the larger miscellaneous objects I previously mentioned. Either way, I’m still sitting on a lot of photos from the summer, so you’ll be seeing some of those soon!


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32 thoughts on “Servire Populo pt.3”

  1. The house ’embroidery’ is a needlepoint, that is stitches made by a thicker thread than embroidery and stitched over a rigid form (a mesh) where the picture is usually printed. I wonder if the KFC is a whoopee cushion.

    1. Oh yes, I always get those confused. I don’t think it’s a whoopie cushion because the air valve closes with a stopper.

  2. You’re becoming quite artistic with your staging of photos Martin! Love your drawer staging. It would make for a Great Wall hanging with odds and ends in it 🙂 love those Baby Pets puzzles..can’t find them anymore my three kids loved them..easy to do for beginners..we spent hours with them in the early 70’s.

  3. The swan brick is a door stop. Also I recently saw a craft that used individual crocheted Granny squares to make fingerless gloves. So even that has another use.

    1. That makes sense. A lot of things can be re-used, unfortunately our culture doesn’t prioritize it enough. I wish I had a huge warehouse, in which case I’d save even things like that crochet chair cover so that someone could come and do something with it, but alas that’s not possible right now.

      1. You should see the neat things that fibre artists are doing with repurposing. Fibre is a huge component in landfills.

  4. Thank you for another inspiring post! I saw a truck on the highway today which advertised a service of cleaning out your garage/attic/basement and then donating what was useful to charity. I immediately thought of you. I wonder if you ever might want to expand your business plan to include this sort of service. You could scope out a project in advance to see if any of the stuff was of value/interest, and if it was, you could rent a truck and clean out someone’s attic/basement/garage and then sell some of the stuff and or donate some of the stuff that you didn’t want to sell. And maybe get paid to haul it all away, too? Just a thought…

    1. It’s a good idea, I could potentially do something like that at some point. I also think I could get into doing estate sales, since I’ve become pretty good at knowing the value of random junk. However, for now I’m going to focus on garbage picking and blogging. Anything else I do will take time away from trash picking, and will lead to a lot of great stuff getting destroyed. While there’s lots of competition in the junk pickup / estate sale businesses, there’s very little competition in the garbage picking business. I think at some point when I get a little older I might want to try something new, but for now I think it’s best to rock the garbage picking thing and share it with the world, in hopes that other people try it as well (and offset somewhat the immense waste produced by various western societies).

      1. I agree, inflatable frisbee. We had one, late ’80s or early ’90s, they came with a family meal.

  5. Hi…interested in theTiles and Fortuna game are the pieces all there and what shape are the boxes?.,.whatdo you want for them?… Herb


    1. I’d have to check, I didn’t look at them long enough to say for sure. They’re in my storage but I can pull them out sometime soon. Send me an email so I don’t forget

  6. Keep doing those drawer arrangements; they’re great!
    That swan doorstop looks like it has two heads … or a very scary mouth. hahaha
    I’m curious … what are those tube-shaped things in the first pic?
    Love the little paw-up critter on the bottom right of pic #5. I’ve got one of a similar vintage.
    I’m guessing this will be your last post before Christmas … Merry Christmas, Martin!

    1. Glad you like them as well. I forget what those are actually, they’re probably in my yard sale stuff somewhere though…

      Who knows, I might post one on Christmas Eve, or schedule one to post on Christmas for all those who aren’t doing much that day. We’ll see.

  7. I love that rocking chair–seems to be the size and unique piece I’m looking for. So you ship to the US?

    1. I ship to the US but mainly small to medium sized things. I wouldn’t want to ship the chair there, as it would be a hassle to figure out how to do it. Plus, the shipping would cost way more (probably over 100$) than the chair is worth.

  8. Martin, I sent you an email yesterday regarding the stamps you recently found. I forgot you don’t check emails often, so please take a look and hopefully reply. Merry Christmas Alice

    1. Hello, yes I received it but haven’t had time to respond. I’m not yet sure what I want to do with them is part of the issue. I’ll try to get back to you one way or the other after the holidays.

  9. Many charities throw out a lot of donations,especially of clothes,books,magazines and utensils.Donating to charities is not always a great idea;it is better to use things oneself or give unwanted items to family members,friends,etc who value them.(Of course,it is still better to donate to charity than to throw a reusable item in the dumpster.)However,those who work at charities know that some of them waste a lot of donations.Open your eyes.

    1. Yes they do. Personally I prefer to leave things on the curb for other people to scavenge over. There’s a lot of casual trash pickers in my neighbourhood so often most of the good stuff gets taken, including things the thrift stores wouldn’t have taken. I do donate to thrift stores on occasion, mostly when I find decent clothing and toys (I actually dropped off a couple bags of each recently).

    2. It’s worth noting though that my strategy wouldn’t work so well in other places, like the suburbs or in rural areas.

  10. Martin,please read this ad from Craigslist .



    From a serious collector that has passed away.

    Not all bottles are in photos

    Serious buyers…please leave contact info •Aucune sollicitation

  11. If you find good stuff in St.Michel,you can surely find a lot more good stuff in nearby Ahuntsic.Ahuntsic is bigger and has a lot of houses and mansions.Happy xmas and good cheer to you.

    1. I probably will explore that area more in the new year. I don’t often find good stuff in St Michel, it’s a bit like finding a needle in a haystack, but once in a while something comes up. Any neighbourhood has the potential for good garbage I think, though places with houses and money are generally the best bets

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