Yard sale @ Café Névé


I don’t usually go out of my way to promote my yard sales on the blog, but I figured I’d make an exception in this case. Tomorrow, assuming the weather cooperates of course, I’ll be selling out front of Café Névé at 151 Rue Rachel E. You can see the Facebook event here.

I won’t have as much stuff out as usual, but the things I do have will be pretty good – I purged most of the junk after my last sale. Even if you don’t find anything you like, Névé sells very tasty coffee, sandwiches, and the most decadent chocolate chip cookie I have ever eaten. It’s a great place to read a book or get some computer work done.


Junk seems to naturally accumulate at my sales, so the occasional purge is necessary. Part of the reason this happens is because I take weird but cool things in the hopes someone else will want them, and sometimes nobody does. These mostly religious images in super kitschy frames I found in Villeray last week are a great example of that. They’re very much from a place and time (I’m guessing they fit right into a 1960s Italian home) and I appreciate that they’re artifacts from that very specific part of the past.

However, is anyone actually going to want to buy them? I have no idea. The colorful frames are pretty gaudy, though I feel like someone with an interesting take on interior design might find them appealing. The “Last Supper” print might be the easiest sell of the bunch. We’ll see – sometimes I’m surprised by these things. I’ll let you know if they end up selling or becoming part of my next purge.

6 thoughts on “Yard sale @ Café Névé”

  1. The most horrible kitsch is sometimes the first to go at my car boot sales, while nobody looks at the stuff i consider ‘nice’. Good luck!

    1. Haha. It depends on the market I guess. There’s lots of students and artists in this area, and only one of them needs to be into ironic interior design for a sale to happen. We’ll see how it goes. The more I think of it though the more surprised I’ll be if these don’t sell, or at least 2 of the 3 anyways.

    1. True, that one’s pretty cool, and the picture is generic enough for it just to be classic kitsch. The hardest sell will probably be the Jesus on the bottom left, it’s a bit intense.

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