Recent sales (August 31 – September 27)

Sales have been slow (apparently typical for this time of year) so I decided to combine my usual two week summary posts into one nearly month long summary. Sales 1 through 5 are from the first two weeks of this period while the rest are from the latter. Things are picking up a bit, and I expect to be making decent cash again by mid October.


1. Mannequin: On Kijiji for 30$. I’m sure I could have gotten more for this, but by the time I listed it I was sick of having it around and took the first offer I received. Found a couple months ago in the Plateau and mentioned on Facebook.

2. Yard sale: 103$. Not my best sale, which I suspect had something to do with it being labour day weekend.

3. Christian Dior sunglasses for repair: On eBay for 35$. Found May 2015 in Westmount.

4. Silver ring: On Etsy for 20$. I forget where I would have found this one.


5. Murano glass vase: On eBay for 25$. The last of the three to sell. Found June 2014 in Mount Royal.


6. Sony F1 Walkman for repair: On eBay for 50$. This was a very nice model that just needed a new belt. Found August 2015 in Hampstead.

7. WWII-era sewing kit: On eBay for 18$. Found at the liquidators but not mentioned on the blog.

8. Harley Davidson belt buckle: On eBay for 15$. I had this listed for quite some time and am very happy to see it leave my house. I might have found it in Rosemont, but I’m not sure.


9. Sterling silver cigarette case: On eBay for 140$. Found July 2015 at the liquidators.

10. Yard sale #2: 42$. A pretty poor sale that was cut short by rain just as people started to come. Regardless, I made a bit of spending money.

11. Ephemera, photos, negatives, audio reels, and video film: to a local archive for 60$. They basically gives me money for this kind of stuff as long as it’s related (or could be related) to Montreal. It’s a good deal for me as I just let the things pile up before unloading it for a decent price. Found in various places across the city.

12. Necklace and earrings: To a reader for 30$. Someone emailed me months ago about these and I only recently got back to them. Just goes to show how behind I’ve been! They were two pieces (a silver necklace and silver hoop earrings) I found in Westmount back in May. I could have sold them for more on Etsy, but I’m generally happy to give a deal to those who can come and pick the stuff up. That saves me the time it takes to list, pack, and ship the item.

13. Ring: To my Mom for 20$. I wanted to give it to her for free but she refused! I forget where I found it now, but it was silver with a turquoise stone.


13. Mexican silver turquoise pendant: On Etsy for 21$. If I remember correctly I found this while out on a walk in Rosemont this spring. However, it never made the blog.


14. Silver Buddhist eternal knot pendant: On Etsy for 35$. Found March 2015 amongst a great hoard of jewelry in NDG (but only recently listed).

Total: 644$, 14256.75$ since the new year began. This is actually a pretty poor total, especially considering it spans nearly the entire month! Part of the problem (in addition to the slow eBay sales) was that I was unable to have a really good yard sale. I hope to get a few more in before the season ends for good, which is around the end of October here in Montreal.

My goal to reach 20k in garbage earnings this year is looking less likely now with the recent poor showings. I’m still hopeful though, as the next three months of the year are the big ones and I intend to get a lot of new listings up. I’ll need to average close to 2000$ a month to get it done.

In the meantime this slow month has really depleted my already limited financial reserves. If you feel like treating me to a latté, a micro-brew beer, or whatever check out my donate page!

New eBay listings (Link to all eBay listings)

1. Lot of 1970s Post Cereal hockey game pieces
2. 1977 Dreamstage art exhibit poster
3. Lot of 6 Sony 3D TV glasses
4. 3 Montreal Olympics programs
5. Rare Polish edition of Animal Farm
6. Sankyo Clover music box keychain
7. Leak Trough-Line 3 (untested)
8. 1920s Quebec folk art painting
9. Lot of 1930s steamship menus
10. Art Nouveau era "Bride's Book"
11. 1930s Bermuda / West Indies steamship brochure
12. 1930s Bermuda travel brochure
13. 1930s Canadian Pacific Hotel brochure
14. Vintage Scottish clan plaque – McKeown family

New Etsy listings (Link to my store)

15. Vintage Mexican silver cascade choker necklace
16. Brutalist peacock feather pendant (another one of my favourite pieces)
17. Chinese silver enameled cat brooch
18. Monet gold-toned bracelet
19. Monet gold-toned necklace
20. Circular silver earrings – Greek key pattern
21. Large 916 silver brooch
22. Vintage Monet brooch
23. Vintage Star of David silver and marcasite pendant
24. Vintage 9ct on silver cufflinks
25. Sterling silver and fabric cufflinks
26. Silver turtle bracelet
27. Vintage La Rel costume jewelry earrings
28. Silver Celtic triskele earrings
29. Reuven Israel modernist brooch
30. Silver Irish Harp enameled earrings
31. Great sterling silver necklace with inlaid pink stones (this is one of my nicest jewelry pieces)

New Kijiji (local) listings (feel free to make me an offer on any of these!)

32. Huge bag of postage stamps
33. Oval mirror
34. Round table
35. iPhone 4s, locked to Bell, cracked screen
36. Vintage wood chandelier
37. Art Nouveau standing ashtray
38. 1940s Munro table hockey game
29. Grundig radio

12 thoughts on “Recent sales (August 31 – September 27)”

    1. I hope so! I think I have a decent chance – if things go to plan I should have more listings by that time than I’ve ever had before.

  1. Quite a few sales this month, but alas, no really big ones. I’m looking forward to seeing how much you exceed your $20k goal.

    BTW – I love the ring! It was worth every penny. 🙂

    1. Yup, the biggest one was that cigarette case which I just listed a few weeks ago. Hopefully there are some more big sales to come.

  2. Hi,I discovered your blog a few weeks ago and like it.It is so so unconventional.I am a 36 year-old woman who lives in southern Ontario who has started scavenging because I simply need extra money.I used to be a waitress and then was a stripper for 5 years in three different clubs.I made a lot of money and still have some savings left—but my strip club was sold to a new owner who fired all the strippers over 35(there were three of them).I look very young and was bringing in a lot of clients and making a lot of money.But the new boss simply wants only younger dancers.I went back to the other strip joints who used to employ me,but they also rejected me based on age.One club out of town has given me a gig one day a week but it’s not enough.I found a part-time waitressing job but my income is still not adequate.A colleague of my mine and I are suing the new owner of the strip club for age discriminatyion.AGEISM is wrong,even in the sex business,especially if one can attract business and if one looks young.I am doing some scavenging myself every week to make money.A lot of people suffer from ageism ;realize this.I hope you support people in their fight against ageism.Please do.

    1. Glad you like the blog. Well, you can definitely make a bit of money from scavenging, especially if you learn how to sell on eBay. As for discrimination, I am against all forms but try to keep this blog as garbage oriented as possible.

  3. Hi Martin,

    I think after looking at all the Expo 67 pictures you uploaded it must have rubbed off on me, because last night I found an Expo 67 silver spoon, that looked just like this one

    It was found along with 3 other silver spoons, finding something almost 50 years old is cool. I bet you must have found many like this. When seeing it, the first thing to come to mind was your recent posting on Expo 67.

    When I’m out scavenging, I come across many AC adapters and have been saving them. I once heard someone say that you can sell them on Ebay. Have you ever considered selling the adapters on Ebay, rather than just scraping them, which I would do?

    Take care,

    1. Cool spoon, I’ve never actually found one of those before. Plenty of other Expo stuff, but no spoons.

      I personally don’t like dealing with adapters but some can be worth money. I plan on listing one I found recently soon because I think it can it will sell for around 30$ + shipping. Apple chargers especially can be worth good money. It’s worth looking them up on eBay’s completed listings to see if they sell for decent money before scrapping them.

    2. Older ac adapters have bulky transformers, and that might bring scrap metal pieces, for copper wire and iron cores. It might work better taking them apart yourself, it probably takes a lot before you see much money. It’s the same thing that has people taking the deflection coils off the picture tube of old tv sets, lots of copper for minimal work, but you still need a lot to amount to much money.

      I always grab ac adapters when I see them because traditionally, they’d be all kinds of voltages and connectors. You never know when you might find something that needs it. Now there’s a move to a more standard, +5v and a USB connector, which makes tem quite generic.

      I can swap connectors (assuming I can find the connector) and flip polarity, but most people can’t. So the value of an ac adapter is for the person who badly needs a specific adapter for a specific piece of equipment. The more generic, the less someone would be willing to pay. Common adapters can’t bring in much, especially if they can get them from friends or family. When I got a TomTom One GPS at a rummage sale, at two different garage sales that followed, I found a suitable adapter.
      But my Sansa Fuze MP3 player has an odd connector, so I’m stuck if I lose the cable or it breaks.

      Like anything, studying the market would likely improve returns, because then you know what to look for. Watch for odd cables too, they are often twisted together with the ac adapters, and something uncommon may have some level of value.


      1. Thanks Michael, that was really helpful and learning more about the different types of AC adapters is keys to finding there “true” value.

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