Slide scanning – Expo 67

I spent most of last week doing some much needed organizing. This included tidying up a few different storage areas and purging stuff that wasn’t worth selling. I put this off for way too long, and still have lots of other things left to do! I’ll likely be relatively quiet on the blogging front again this week, but expect another post on Friday (or Monday if I get sidetracked).

I went on most of my usual rounds but didn’t focus so much on getting blogging material. I did come across some great stuff at one spot, and I’ll share that here sometime in the near future.

On Friday I picked up copies of some found slides I scanned a while back. I had copies of them previously, but they were accidentally made to be of a lower quality than I prefer. I like a photo you can click and zoom in on! All the photos are stills of Montreal’s Expo 67. I found most of them in St-Henri back in September of 2014. Most were marked as being taken in July of 1967. The last two I found at a place in Snowdon.

I thought it would be fun to post the scans here. If you enjoy these then you might also enjoy the scans I posted on my other (mostly inactive) blog back in May of 2013. Anyways, here you go!















9 thoughts on “Slide scanning – Expo 67”

  1. Magnifique! I just shared your post with the Expo 67 group on Facebook. I’m trying to locate digital personal archives and collections so we could have a network of memories of that wonderful event over the Internet. Thank you so much!.

    1. Hi Josée, I was also going to share it with the FB Expo group but you beat me to it! Aren’t they great?

  2. It’s too bad for the sort of “dust” that you see in most of the skies. I absolutely adore the first one and could see it blown up on a wall.

    You can get defects fixed at Lozeau. If you’re patient you can also fix them yourself. I can see these fetching a pretty good price if they were in better condition. They are so iconic and many of them also have really great composition.

    Awesome that you share this stuff with us! Thank you 🙂

    1. Yeah, I think they could have benefited from a bit of a touch up, both in real life and in Photoshop. They look nice enough though, and if someone else is passionate about them they can do it themselves.

      I actually only have the digital versions of many of these now – I sold a bunch of them for 1$ each at yard sales. Mildly regret that now, though I’m happy with the scans and am glad to share around the history.

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