Catching up


Here’s some finds from a run a couple weeks ago in TMR. It’s a bit late now so this post won’t have as much detail as others, but I can definitely show you my most notable finds.


The recycling bin above contained a few interesting items that probably shouldn’t have been in a recycle bin. There were two large (maybe 2′ tall?) liquor bottles with stands. One once held Cutty Sark Whisky …


… while the other held J&B scotch. They’re kind of cool, and might sell for 5$ each at a yard sale.


I also found this cool old Royal slide-weight scale, which I’ll probably try to sell for 20$ …


… and a vintage “crush-a-cube” cast aluminum ice cube crusher. These seem to go for around 10$ on eBay.


I found this late 1960s “Instant Mind Power” (by magician Harry Lorayne) learning guide in the same bin a week prior. It seems to have more to do with improving memory rather than developing psychic powers, which is what I originally assumed it was meant to do.


The place that provided me the iPods and postage stamps put out a big pile that night. I’m guessing they finally moved (the house was sold) and that this was the last of their undesirables. I didn’t see anything out on the curb the week after.


There was definitely a lot of good reusable stuff to be saved, but I’ll show just the finds that stuck out. I saved a box of 90s-era hockey cards;


… a framed image of Mary, which I think is from the Eastern Orthodox tradition;


… a 14k gold pin (made for Bechtel, the largest construction / engineering company in the United States);


… and two pairs of basically new binoculars. Neither are super valuable, but they should fetch around 10$ each at a yard sale.


Otherwise, the spot that provided the lawn bowling balls and the Clubmaster Ray Ban sunglasses gave me a few more things, including …


… a nice tackle box,


… a totally functional Timex Expedition watch (even the battery was working!),


… and a working digital camera. This thing (a Pentax Optio with 7.1 megapixels) takes AA batteries, which is nice because I won’t have to get a charger for it. It’s only worth around 20$, but it’s handy to keep around in case my camera dies for whatever reason. It’s always good to have a backup!

I should have a similar post up soon featuring last week’s TMR finds. Check back soon!


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  1. I saw a scale like that at the second hand store for $5 few weeks ago but someone beat me to it. We all stood around the cash trying to figure out what kind of stuff that it weighed. The best guess I had was that maybe it was used for weighing sliced meats at an old deli. Do you know what it was used for?

    1. I’d like to keep it myself, it’s nice a have a back up camera in case mine breaks. Maybe I could see you the next one I find though, ha ha

      1. Especially since it uses regular batteries.

        I found a nice 5mp camera, particularly small and with a 1gig memory card, but it uses a special battery. Little sense spending money on the battery if the camera doesn’t work, but not so easy to test the camera without a battery.

        But I’ve found a number of older digital cameras in the garbage, presumably because they have low pixel count, though those are still good if only displaying photos on a computer. And they are always worth, even if the camera isn’t so great, it might have a memory card inside. For that matter, I once found a portable CD player, and it had two rechargeable AAs inside, more useful than a third CD player.

        They are also common at garage sales, low pixel count and cheap. On the other hand, last month I bought a 5mp camera for $20, the key point being the 12x zoom.

        So something’s bound to turn up.


  2. Those liquor bottles may have been liquor store novelty display bottles or someone’s purchases from a duty free shop in an airport.

    1. I believe they are 4.5 liter display bottles. (I can’t read the fine print on the labels). If you are willing to ship them. They sell pretty well on Ebay.

  3. I subscribed to you I am to a Garbage picker I find all sorts I love seeing what you find its great because I know the good feeling you have when finding things πŸ™‚

    On Tue, May 26, 2015 at 4:07 PM, Marco Arts wrote:

    > Hi The Camera Can I buy it from you πŸ™‚ > > On Tue, May 26, 2015 at 11:20 AM, Things I find in the garbage <

  4. Hello Martin!

    I’d like to buy the scale from you if you can hold it for me until the 9th of June… Tell me if that works for you.


    Myriam 438-932-9664


  5. Can’t believe what people throw out ! Glad you are able to make a living out of their foolishness.

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