My run of the Plateau was mostly dry. However on the home stretch, which today was the alley adjacent to St Denis, I came across this pile of bags with some good stuff inside.


Inside one of the bags was another bag that contained four older cameras. I don’t think any of them are particularly valuable but a lot of people still appreciate the vintage look these cameras can produce.


There was also a slide projector. I tested it and it seems to work fine! Along with all this were four boxes (three carousels) full of slides, most of which appear to have been taking in the late 70s and early 80s.

The projector isn’t super valuable but it should come in handy. I can check out the slides I’ve found and see if they’re worth digitizing for my new garbage photo blog. I also have an Aurora Conqueror projection screen so I have a pretty good setup for viewing slides.

Tomorrow is looking like a bit of wash for garbage with lots of rain in the forecast. I’ll probably still go out for my evening run but I may take a pass on the morning.

7 thoughts on “Projection”

  1. good find! It will help you sort the slides you have. Strange that someone would throw all the slides out too. Good luck on the weekend 🙂 keep an eye out for vintage Christmas stuff. they sell for lots on ebay

  2. my father had a little brownie camera, and folks from that era covet them, i think.
    you could probably ask 25-35$ apiece for them. not too bad!

  3. My cousin Mike used to collect cameras. I sometimes wonder what happened to them all after he died. People do like to collect them, even when they can’t get film for them any more.

    Love your new photo blog!

    I hope the whirlwind Montreal moving period leaves you with a roomful of treasure.

  4. Even if it is raining,people still throw out valuable things in those tall wheeled plastic blue bins with covers on top.You should open more of them outside apartment buildings on rainy days.Their contents are not damaged by rain because of the covers on top.

  5. Those tall,tall plastic recycling bins and garbage gins with covers on top are very bad news for scavengers and treasure hunters.It is very difficult to rummage through them.

    1. Yes. There seems to have been a clampdown in the McGill Ghetto. Last summer some of the alleys suddenly sprouted larger plastic garbage bins, where before there were piles of garbage. I don’t even open garbage bags, but with the bins, you can’t even see if anything interesting is below without pulling the bags out, and the bags often look like they will spill. And at least one of the “rooming houses” (I have no idea if that’s what it is, but enough gets tossed that it seems to have a lot of people moving out), they too have new plastic bins.

      I found some things lying on top at the end of April, but I’m not digging so I never saw what else was below.

      Yes, garbage is unsightly, but those bins instead of piles means the good stuff isn’t as easy to recover, which is what another camp is complaining about “all that good stuff tossed out”. The garbage rules make it harder to find the good stuff, while in the old days there’d be a greater likelihood that someone would just leave good items out instead of putting them in garbage bags. Of course, on July 1st, there’s so much that a lot is visible, and people will be taking their garbage cans with them.

      Rain won’t hurt a lot of things, but there’s nothing worse than coming across a pile of soggy wet books and magazines. And for moving, or looking for garbage, a light rain is okay, but a heavy rain make sit awful, once you get wet, you never dry.

      Today it felt like we were on the edge of a hurricane, it felt like that kind of weather, but it looks good for Sunday and Monday, and Saturday is supposed to be at least somewhat better. If it’s too hot, that too may affect how far you look.


  6. I was interested in the “Soviet Jews” sticker. I did a quick Google search. 3640 Stanley RD is still running as an organization dedicated to furthering Jewish continuity. They’re called Hillel.

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