Pie Nine


I discovered a new area for Tuesday morning garbage and decided to check it out. I went east of the train tracks (going N-S around Iberville) all the way to Pie-IX (Olympic Stadium) via Dandurand and St-Joseph. It’s a pretty nice area and I’m sure I’ll be back. I’m not even sure what district this falls into, maybe St-Michel?

I didn’t find a tonne of stuff but there were a few interesting things in these bags.


There were some old collectible cards and stickers. On the right are some airplane collecting cards from boxes of Shreddies. On the left are some stickers of the Jackson 5 from the early 80s.


There were also a few old cards from the Belgian Chewing Gum company featuring “Princess” Elizabeth. These must be from the early 50s as she was coronated in 1953.


From this collection of things conveniently left in plain sight I found a jewelry box (which contained some old necklaces and a few rings), a little porcelain dish in the shape of a peanut, and a battery charger looking thing. I left the battery charger out near my home as I didn’t know if it worked and didn’t feel like the hassle and it was gone within minutes.

I’ve been looking through more of the items I separated from the pillow-case full of jewelry I found a couple of months ago. I came across some religious medallions that I thought were interesting:


On the right is a pendant from the Marian Year of 1954 which was a year the Catholic church dedicated to the worship of Mary. On the top is a pin marked “Adoration Nocturne du Canada” with “IHS,” apparently an abbreviation based on the Greek word for Jesus, in the middle.

leo xiii token 1892

The little medallion on the left has this phrase from Pope Leo XIII dated from 1892.


More medallions. The left is from something called the Hadassah Wizo Exposition in 1962. The top right looks to be from the Catholic Holy Year (Anno Santo) of 1925.

pope pius xi

The reverse of the 1925 medallion.


Lastly this is a tiny image of Jesus that came out of locket. It’s about a third of the size of a penny. What’s interesting is that the green and purple that you see are actually little bits of stained glass which are more evident when you hold it up to light (I wish I had a light box to demonstrate!). It’s pretty impressive that someone went through the effort of doing this for such a small piece. I wonder as well if the yellow metal is gold. There’s a little mark on the top but I can’t make out what it says.

As usual let me know if you have any specific insight about these things – Google can only tell me so much!

I’ll be going out later for a tour around the Plateau. My bike derailleur is having some annoying issues but it should be fine until I can (hopefully) get it fixed tomorrow.

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  1. Great finds here!

    re: Princess Elizabeth cards – interesting. Not sure why they’d be calling her Princess in 1954, but this video seems to explain things for you. http://www.britishpathe.com/video/queen-in-malta-2

    It mentions that it is the “Queen’s” first trip to Malta as sovereign and that she’s travelling with her children (their first trip out of the country). They seem to be about the same age as in the photos you present. Anne was born in 1950, so if the series of photos are all from about the same period, she appears older than 2 years old (the King died in 1952). So the “Princess” mention is a bit of a mystery, but I’d say you’re looking at 1954.

    re: Marian medallion – interesting as well. Should you ever decide to part with it I’d be interested. My father grew up on Marian Park (street) in Ireland – it was named that way because of the anniversary, and an important year for the Catholic Church, apparently.

    Thanks for sharing – great to see!

    1. I think I see the actual shot here around 1:20 with the very shiny man in the background. The back of a few of the cards note the date of the photo (one in 1948 and one in January 1953) so 1949 is certainly plausible. Good research!

  2. I am very happy u went up to the Olympic stadium.It is pretty nice there.I live in Ahuntsic near Sauvé metro.Ahuntsic is a very nice,clean area with beautiful houses.Please bike on Sauvé ,Fleury,Prieur and Louvain streets as well as other streets like Hamel,Curotte,Lajeunesse,etc north of Crémazie metro station.It is a very green neighborhood,great for biking.Check garbage/recycling pickup schedules in different parts of Ahuntsic.I hope you will go north of Villeray into Ahuntsic.Ahuntsic has nicer houses than Villeray.Near the Riviere Des Prairies river,Ahuntsic/Cartierville is really a pleasure for biking.

  3. I live in LaSalle,a city of almost 80,000 people.Can you post on your blog any dumpster diving spots in LaSalle?Mile End is too far for me.Do you visit LaSalle occasionally?

    1. I am going to try to get to every neighborhood on in the city at some point (other than the West Island), but I don’t expect to get to Lasalle more than once and I doubt I’ll look much for food. The best thing to do is look at local grocers, bakeries, etc and see if you can find their trash bin. Some will be accessible and some will not. Only suggestion beyond that is not to make a mess as that will make more businesses lock or otherwise hide their trash.

  4. I follow your blog and am strongly against ivory,fur and other products derived from animal cruelty or poaching.I also do not eat meat.Please send a clear message through your blog that ivory and fur are immoral.If you find ivory products,just give it to your sister or aunt or a friend as a gift.Seal hunting is atrocious.At the same time elephant slaughter is increasing because of an increase in the ivory trade.

  5. I find many people throw away treasures either out of sorrow and can no longer look at them or they just don’t know what they have. Either one – it’s great if they are saved by someone like you or me.

  6. I recently came upon your blog and really like getting daily updates of your “runs”. I’m now living in Calgary but back in the day when I lived in the Montreal area I use to love to scout around-garbage day. I use to find such great stuff in excellent condition. It’s nice to see that folks out their still leave items out in “full view” with the intention that others will pick them up. Unfortunately, out here folks don’t do the same. There are so many rich folks-oil/gas and they don’t leave it out on the curb-which is a shame. Although a select few do go on kigigi and give their items a second life. I remember once a year in NDG, they had a “day” whereby everyone put their unwanted items on their front lawn -man would I ever get loads of good stuff. Bottom line is that I love living out west, but it’s too bad folks out here, are not fully integrated into “recycling” their items, as much as Montreal.

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