Peavey Rage


I took a little walk yesterday and came across an amplifier and tennis raquet. I decided to bring both home, thinking the amplifier might be good for parts or repair and that the tennis racquet (a Prince CTS Graduate 90) could be re-strung. The former owner of the stuff opened the door as I was putting the amplifier in my backpack. He told me that the amplifier worked the last time he used it and that the tennis racquet was old but still good (other than the strings).

peavey rage amplifier

I brought it home and it still works fine! It’s a Peavey “Rage.” It’s a nice find as it’s something I can likely sell quickly and easily.

If anyone is interested in either of these things send me an email and maybe we can work something out.


Not too far away I found this painting (by H. Won) inside a bag of trash. I like it a fair bit and put it up on the wall in my living room.

I’m going to put some stuff (mostly jewelry) on Etsy today. I’m also putting some free stuff (mostly electronics in need of repair) on CL. If anyone has a use for a malfunctioning 5-CD changer or a massive VTR unit from the 80s let me know.

6 thoughts on “Peavey Rage”

  1. Beautiful painting.Great find.I do not know why someone would throw that out in a trash bag.Stupid if u ask me.I have found three or four paintings in the trash over the last five years,and have brought them home to hang on the walls.

  2. I am a student living in St.Henri.Last week in the night I rescued an unopened glass bottle of Quebec maple syrup lying on top of a garbage bag on St.Philip street.Beside that,there was also an unopenerd cereal box of Kellogs cornflakes and an unopened bbottle of Heinz Ketchup.It was after midnight,and I took all three of them.Talk about food waste.Please check St.Philip street,St.Ferdinard,Ste.Marguerite and Beaudoin street in St.Henri between Notre Dame and Ste.Ambroise.I saw a lot of good furniture on trash day there including great coffee tables,bookshelves ,etc as well as a lot of new discarded books.I rescued some.You inspire me.Go to the streets I told you on Sunday night.Monday morning is garbage/recycling pickup day there.

  3. This project is amazing!!! I have a lot of respect for you! It took courage and determination to keep digging in this awesome idea and find a thousand of little treasure… And talking of treasure, the tennisracket is one that I would really like to buy if you’re interest! I am athletic in my saoul and I always keep working for being better in this passion! Please help me continue by contacting me!!!

  4. […] off Craigslist. I finally sold the nice set of china for 90$, a manual typewriter for 60$ and the Peavy Rage amp for 30$. That adds up to 180 which raises my monthly total to 445$. That basically enough to cover […]

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