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I was out walking earlier and came across another pile of trash in front of the house on St Urbain that used to belong to the old Ukrainian lady. Most of these bags were full of renovation materials.


I’ve found a lot of cool stuff here though, so I did my due diligence and looked through most of the bags. In one of the bags was a bit of older junk, none of which was particularly interesting. However, inside was this old manila envelope. Inside I found…

old canadian money

28$ in old bills! There’s one 10$ bill (from 1971), three 1$ bills (all from 1973), and three 5$ bills (all from 1986).

The 10$ bill is in very good condition so it’s worth slightly more than 10$. Otherwise it’s just cash in my wallet – and a nice reminder of the days when money wasn’t made out of plastic.

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  1. Bravo,,Bravo.You deserve to keep this money.Do not give this money to charity.Whoever threw this money out in the garbage is an idiot.

  2. But the $1.00 bills haven’t been seen in a long time, they ought to be saved for at least some occasion where they will offer extra comment.

    I once found four coveralls, the same size so I only took one. It turned out to be one size too small. But when I washed them, I automatically checked the pockets and there was $12.

    Another time, I found a roll of Canadian Tire money, “big enough to choke a horse”. It amounted to five dollars, combine with some scratch coupon I got a long screwdriver to open something for about $2.00 real money.

    That July 1st pile was great, some DVDs, a digital camera, and some other things.


  3. great find if ya want to sell the one and ten dollar bills let me know i have three kids that have never seen them.

  4. This is a great find.I have found some money on the sidewalk at times and have kept it because it was not traceable.I discovered your website while checking the free section of Craigslist.You had put an ad there for a soup tureen.I hope more folks in Montreal will follow your website and subscribe to it—I check the free section of Craigslist these days.I went to Atwater library on Wednesday morning just to see if books are dumped there(as the ad on Craigslist said).I went at noon and about 10 to 12 boxes of books were there on the lawn.I went through them in 8 to 10 minutes and grabbed four or five them and put them in my briefcase.I did not have bag space to carry more.Then I left to buy coffee at McDonald’s and was going back to work at a nearby call centre.Just before I went to work,I passed by Atwater library and the truck had pulled up.The worker ended up throwing seven or eight boxes of books in the garbage truck.Many of the books had been taken,but there were many hardcover novels and books on several topics in good shape that were trashed.Why are charities and second-hand books trashing books?And why despite FREE ads in Craigslist,a number of boxes of books go untaken?Charities,literacy centres and individuals are crying for donations all the time.Maybe you and your pals could rescue some books from Atwater library—Apparently other charities junk books often too.
    Keep your blog going—please report on any books that you rescue on your site.

    1. When it gets a bit warmer (or just less wet) I’ll check out those books. I hear a lot about them, and it seems like a shame. At the very least they should be recycling the books! I do understand though how many books these places get, and that many of them aren’t very desirable (especially older reference books).

      Thanks for posting, and keep your eyes on the curb.

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