Pineapple skate bike

bike frame

There hasn’t been much to speak of so far this week. I found this bike frame in a trash bin on Monday and brought it to the bike co-op where I sometimes volunteer. The guy there told me that the fork and the stem were still good. I left it there, and some volunteer (possibly me) will strip the parts from the frame in the near future.

pineapple juice

I came across a box with six unopened Pineapple juices sitting on the curb. The “best before” date is in December, but I tasted it and it’s fine – really tasty actually. Another reminder not to take best before dates too seriously!


daoust skates 20

Finally, I saw these pair of Daoust-brand skates casually laying on top of some bags in an alley. They look fairly old. They definitely need a sharpening and a little love (and some new laces), but the leather is in nice shape. I think they’re hockey skates, as on the bottom they’re marked as being “officially approved” by the NHL Rules Committee.

I hope to find some more stuff soon!

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