The weather yesterday was pretty nasty but I did make it out to take a look around for good trash. There was lots of snow and then rain which created giant puddles of slush and ensured all your clothes got wet. I chose to walk – taking a bike in that kind of weather is more frustrating than it’s worth.

On to the finds.


I found this pan in one of these bags. I pulled it out and it looked decent, if dirty, and I brought it home.

frying pan

It cleaned up pretty good! I have no need for it so I’m going to give it away. I’m not sure why someone would throw it out – unless it’s originally came with a lid. Regardless it’s definitely still good for a lot of cooking needs.


smith corona sl-80

In one of these bags was a relatively new-ish electric typewriter. It’s case was designed to make it so that you could carry the typewriter like a suitcase. I brought it back but it seems to be broken. I’m thinking I might deconstruct it and make it into some kind of art.


I saw these boots in a small bag alongside some larger bags containing mostly spent cleaning supplies. They looked pretty nice (and my size) so I brought them back with me. I threw them in the oven on low for a good hour and a half (probably overkill, but at least in the winter the oven serves a dual purpose of heating your house) to ensure the lack of bugs.

riverland boots

They’re pretty good, and above all my size. I walked around briefly in them and they were pretty comfortable. They look like they’ve rarely been used. The brand is “Riverland” and they’re apparently waterproof. I already have a pair of boots, though these ones look a bit tougher. Over the next little while I’ll evaluate both pairs and decide if I have a use for two similar pairs of boots. If not someone’s going to get some free boots!

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  1. Hey! Did you delete your facebook? I am having a party on Friday and I want you to come!

    Also I half-found, half-made the coolest lamp today and you should see it.

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