A new pair of shoes


I biked around looking for trash yesterday afternoon. The weather wasn’t ideal – mild but with a fair bit of fresh snow – but I did find a few things.


I pulled these pots out of the pile in the above picture. Nothing fancy, but not bad. I’ll put them up on CL.

UPDATE: Given away on CL!


I also found this kettle. It’s perfectly fine. I may bundle it with the stuff above in one CL post.

UPDATE: I left this at a friend’s house. She said she could probably find someone who wants it.


Another pile of stuff near Fairmount and St Laurent. There was a decent looking computer in there but it got wet from the snow (and it’s doubtful it’s better than my current model)


These shoes were casually put in this box with other odds and ends.

jack purcell converse

I brought them back home thinking they might fit, but they’re just one size too small. Too bad because I think they’re pretty cool. They’re also pretty much in perfect shape!

I baked them in the oven on low for a good hour and a bit, which is a good way to make sure they’re bug free. I looked them up on Ebay and new versions of this shoe are selling for close to 70 bucks before shipping, so I may try to barter these on Craigslist. If that doesn’t work I’ll put them on Ebay. If any Montrealer’s are reading and interested they’re a size 10 for men and 11.5 for women. I’d trade for a good amount of organic food or microbrew beer, or maybe a similar pair of shoes that are one size bigger 😉


I also found some things in front of a place where I found a lot of good stuff in the past. Just a few little things: a mini lantern, an old pad for addresses (?), and a lamp with a busted shade that I figure I might be able to turn into something cool again.

An older guy on a bike came by looking for scrap metal. I helped him out a bit and he made off with a decent amount of scrap, including a few good hunks of copper (which seems to be the most valuable scrap metal). I’m glad people are doing this – it helps save metal from the trash, and it gets recycled so we don’t have to mine more of it.

7 thoughts on “A new pair of shoes”

  1. Love trash treasures! I found a pair of Italian leather loafers thrown in a bush last weekend, they are a perfect for too. Score!

    1. You can send me an email at martinnestor7@yahoo.ca. I usually like to put free stuff on CL so a wide range of people can get it, but some things end up sitting in my staircase for a while (like that brake caliper from a recent post), so if you see something you like you can always ask and maybe I won’t have done anything with it yet.

      As for buying stuff, I’m always open to offers.

  2. That little beige one is a fondue pot.
    I remember those address pads, so that one would be circa 1970 or so.
    Too bad the shoes didn’t fit; they look comfortable.
    Brrr, I can’t imagine trucking around doing that in winter, but I remember the cold never did bother you too much.

  3. Congratulations on your blog.Please keep posting on your blog during winter.I loved your shoe find.I also want to say you should not hesitate to take out beer bottles or soft drink cans from the garbage.I live in the anglo part of downtown.We have separate pickups of garbage and recycling on different days.Last week I saw someone thow out 12 to 15 beer bottles as well as dozens of pepsi cans in a black garbage bag and the garbage bag had ripped open a bit.I was hoping some scavenger would salvage them.I regret not having salvaged them.I saw the garbage truck pull up later that morning from my window and I saw the employee lift up the heavy bag filled with bottles and throw it into the truck.The city will not recycle those bottles because they were not placed in a recycling bag or recycling bin,but in a black garbage bag .Those bottles did go to the landfill most probably.On recycling day the savengers usually take most of the recyclables out of the bins and transparent bags,but not always.

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