I went out yesterday, and it was raining quite a bit at times, which seems to lead to less trash on the streets. I did find this wok though. It by Ikea and seems like new. It was oddly mixed in with a much more rusty wok and some more scrap metal. An older French woman was talking to me a bit, and she noticed the scrap metal and brought it to the alley for the scrap metal guys to take.

So, not too much yesterday, but altogether I saved a bunch of metal from going to landfill. In my mind that’s a big plus for the environment, as now we can use recycled metal for some unknown product instead of extracting more minerals from the Earth.

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2 thoughts on “Wok

  1. Nice wok.

    Chatting up the women again, eh?

    But now you know where to recycle the scrap metal.

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