Just call me “Johnny Appleseed”

I toured around a bit on this evenings trash day. There wasn’t too much out tonight, but I still had a few good finds!

I found a couple of large garbage bags that had an odd look to them. They were full of little round things, but they were symmetrical and they felt soft. I opened a bag not expecting too much, kind of expecting to be grossed out really.

Inside were a lot of little apples, clearly from a tree in someone’s backyard. It seemed like a waste to throw them all out, but most were too old.

Across the street, near Clark and Van Horne, is this empty plot of land next to an overpass. Not to be too boastful, but I’m known for having a pretty good throwing arm, and I decided to whip a bunch of apples into this unused space. My theory is that in ten years or fifteen years, if this space remains undeveloped, we might have some nice apples trees growing here. Worst case scenario, they’ll rot and improve the soil I figure. Thinking now, maybe I should have thrown them all in there!

There was a big pile of stuff out on Van Horne. The couch looked pretty nice, and there was some interesting stuff.

I only ended up taking this. It’s a print based on the “last supper,” but featuring actors and actresses from the Golden Age of Mexican film. All the attention is on the woman in the middle, Maria Felix, who was one of the biggest names in Mexican cinema.

I saw these doors near my old place. Shame they’re being thrown out, as I quite like the style.

I found this bag marked “Tresors a artist pauvre” (Treasures to a poor artist). I know a lot of poor artists so I took it. Here’s what was within:

There was lots of good stuff! There was a bit more too. I’m probably not going to use any of this myself, but I expect some of my friends will benefit from this persons generosity!

Finally, I found a whole bunch of unused plastic cutlery. It’s a shame to throw this out, as it’s a pretty big waste of resources to start. The clear ones are still in wrapping and definitely pristine, and the white ones are not wrapped but seem to be in unused condition. I think sometime, maybe this weekend, I’ll just take some time off and try to make a sculpture out of these.

Anyways, that’s all for now. It’s going to pour tomorrow, so I don’t know how much I’ll find, but I’ll probably take a little lookaround as I like the rain anyways. I’ll let ya know if I find anything.

2 thoughts on “Just call me “Johnny Appleseed””

  1. Wow, your findings beat some Saturday mornings of yard sales.
    Around here, we also have the custom of putting things out by the curb. They usually go pretty quick. I just got a new lawnmower that way, one a friend got running like new.
    Hope you inspire more urban scavengers to join in the free treasures hunt.

  2. I would have enjoyed watching you throw the apples. Besides possibly growing trees, you’ve likely fed a bird or three and maybe a couple of squirrels, as well.

    They’re a happy-looking lot, those Mexican Golden-Agers. I’m guessing it’ll be of interest to somebody if you’re going to put it in your Etsy store.

    You’re going to have some happy artist friends.

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