Enigmatic Grass Jelly Smoothie

Well, I found a use for the grass jelly. From my brief online research I concluded that it was usually used to make drinks. So, I tried to wing up some juice, and then later decided to make it into a smoothie.

I think I spent all my time and effort trying to overpower the plain weirdness of the grass jelly. I did, to some extent. This is the kind of drink where you have one sip and you might think, “hey, this isn’t too bad!”, and then the next sip will make you think, “well, it’s not that great either.” It’s good enough to drink, but not good enough to get excited about.

So, I call this my Enigmatic Grass Jelly Smoothie, and here is the recipe:

1 can grass jelly (found in garbage)

1 can papaya in syrup (found in garbage)

5 limes, juiced

2 apples, cored

750ml yogurt

200ml cream and milk

Enough water to make the grass jelly swim a little bit

Some brown sugar (at first, I tried to just make a standalone grass jelly drink, but that definitely didn’t work out)



I’m open to suggestions for future grass jelly creations – I have one more can of the stuff!

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