Dumpster curry!

I’ve been pretty bad with cooking for the last little bit, relying on dietary piecework too often. Last night I got back on track though, and used up a bunch of food I found in the garbage.

The base of this curry is all garbage. I used a can of organic chick peas that I found yesterday, and two onions and two cloves of garlic from the day before. I threw in a bunch of spices (not garbage) and some non-garbage coriander, slow-cooked it for a while, and voila! It’s actually really good.

I feel like cooking with some more dumpster food. I made some bran muffins based on an allrecipes.com recipe on Thursday. They were okay, but not too exciting. But what if I add some of the grass jelly stuff I found yesterday? I found oat bran yesterday, so maybe it’s a sign. I’ll keep you posted. It might suck too, but only one way to find out.

Update: I just opened the can of grass jelly, and this isn’t the grass jelly I remember. That stuff was sweet. This is just grass jelly, corn starch, and water. Not sure what to do with that now. Maybe I can find a recipe online that uses it, but I’m definitely not putting it in muffins.

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