Past find – Landscape

I found this in Gatineau many years ago. Okay, maybe 5 year back. I like it a fair bit – it captures the feel of a Canadian winter well. It fits well with the rest of my art, much of which is hand-painted or otherwise hand-made.

3 thoughts on “Past find – Landscape”

  1. I’m glad you’re into original art, just like your old ma. It’s a nice piece, looks to be a good size, and as you say, it captures the theme well.

    I presume there’s no signature, which is unfortunate; I think people should lay claim to their creativity, even if they never become famous for it.

  2. My Google only encountered a Carl Duplessis who is based in Laval. You could contact him via this site, or one of the following. Also &

    He does do landscapes, as well. This from the middle website – “I am also interested in certain types of landscapes that engage me. I like to spread colours and allow myself to be guided by them.”

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