Past find – Office Chair

I found this on a cold winter day in lower Westmount and carried it home several blocks. It’s actually pretty heavy, but that’s because it’s solid. It’s likely my favorite office chair ever, as it’s pretty comfortable, and has one of the best “lean back” mechanisms that I’ve used. Westmount is a pretty expensive area, so this was probably an expensive chair that someone felt the need to replace. The felt on the bottom is fading from black to brown, and there’s a few minor tears in the leather on top, but it’s in pretty good shape otherwise.

1 thought on “Past find – Office Chair”

  1. You need a sturdy chair. You’ve always been quite an “active” sitter, so you need one. Great that it’s comfortable too.

    I see the arm of your other comfy chair at the corner of the picture. 🙂

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