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  1. Hey about that typewrite…
    I think I own it before and I gave it to the church cornner of Saint-Hubert and Mont-Royal.
    This was about 15 years ago…!
    Its ORIGIN…..there was a neighbor who was from Africa maybe ? who left the building where i was 20 years ago….and left things like the type behind !

      1. I thoroughly enjoy your blog even though I would not do what you are doing and that is precisely why I love browsing through your blog doing what you enjoy most.

  2. […] Yes, I work hard to save items that are still useful from ending up in the landfill, I’ll share a cute retro table with you tomorrow that I rescued, but Martin Gregory has taken garbage pickin further. Riding his bike he goes through trash before it is picked up. He has no job, other than garbage pickin, he supports himself from what he earns from his saved trash. Any item too large for him to carry he sets out in the open for others to find. You can follow along as he documents what he finds and how much he has earned from each item on his blog Things I Find In The Trash. […]

    1. Bins are tough because there’s no way by looking at them (or kicking them) to know what’s inside… I usually only look in bins when they appear to be overflowing or there is more trash around them

  3. Love your blog and I share the same passion for old things and garbage. Although unlike you, I am just a beginner but enjoying every bit of it. I know I’m going to enjoy your future posts.

  4. I hate wasting good stuff too! I find cool things at the auto salvage yard in cars people scrapped out. A few weeks ago I found a new pair of queen sized sheets for our bed!

  5. I could not find where to leave you a comment on July 10 post. The 2 dragon thingies look like they might be knife rests or chopstick rests.

    Great haul, I wish I could scavenge like this ALL the time!

  6. HI Martin, I work at Attraction Images. I need to reach you about the tv show Stephane Lefebvre and you talked about earlier. Can you call me or give me your phone number? Sophie 514 285-7030 poste 2138. Thanks!

  7. Love your posts, you will find that spray 9 a cleaner will when applied to a pad and rubbed on Bakelite will turn orange, semi chrome polish will do the same more accurate than hot water, some of the small sample bottles can go quite high on e bay be sure you check them out before your yard sale..good luck..

  8. Spray 9 can be found at home hardware the semi chrome polish you can get through a jewelry supply or order on amazon actually you can get both there..

  9. Someone added my work email to “follow” this blog.
    I’m beginning to think you might have gone through my trash (of which there’s been lots recently, as I’m purging as I get ready to move)… maybe you found my email and added it?

    I hope you managed to save some treasures I had to get rid of – and perhaps I can look forward to seeing them featured on your blog in the future.

    From NDG.

    1. Wasn’t me, that seems like a bad way to get new followers. I haven’t had any luck in NDG lately, so I doubt I’ve saved any of your trash, but I’ll come check it out if you message me your address!

      1. Sadly, it’s too late. I’ve finished my purge and I move tomorrow!
        I must say I would have felt better knowing someone had picked through and gotten some good finds from my refuse.

        By the looks of it, it definitely was picked through, but it looked like wild beasts tore through the bags, rather than a civilized garbage hunter. It was sad to see items that used to be mine strewn across the lawn and street. I hope that’s not the way you leave things when you’re hunting.

        And yes, NDG can be a goldmine! I’ve found many of my treasures in the trash, and some survived the great purge!

  10. Please go to the address of deadpolaroid and report on it.Maybe you can get it from the person.Good luck.NDG is a goldmine.

  11. I have to be honest. When I throw out things I have a huge issue with others rummaging though my decisions so I tend to destroy things like furniture and household items so people don’t profit from my ‘garbage.’ These are usually middle class people who are cheap and either look to resell things or want it for themselves. It is a foul practice and frankly beneath most.

    1. Oh wow Lady maybe when you die you can take your money and your stuff with you In the end you too will be Beneath Most .. Try to be a little more kind

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