Mtl dumpster diving map

Note: this page is obsolete and the map no longer current. I’m leaving it accessible because it’s a halfway decent idea, and other people may have the time and vision to make it work better than I did.

I found all this bread in the garbage bins behind a nearby organic store. It was all “expired” but it was perfectly fine. I took it home and threw it in the freezer. My roommates and I have been de-thawing it and eating it ever since.

This is just a small sample of the good food thrown out because of mostly arbitrary “best before” or “expiry” dates. I find this food to be one of the most frustrating (if personally beneficial) things to find. So many resources (land, fertilizers, pesticides, cost of shipping, labor hours) are completely wasted as a result, and in the meantime the food just rots in a landfill while people in the real world go hungry. Needless to say it’s an incredibly inefficient system. I think “dumpster diving” is great as it helps to counteract the inefficiencies of the current food distribution system. Also – free food!

The world is constantly evolving and hopefully one day dumpster diving won’t be a thing anymore. I think as awareness grows the situation will improve. In the meantime, however, there is a lot of food going to waste in dumpsters. I’ve create a map that indicates the location of dumpsters that consistently produce good food (and other things too – second hand store dumpsters are often good for housewares).

I think a lot of people are interested in dumpster diving but don’t know where to go, how to do it, or are afraid to try. My hope is that this map will encourage dumpster diving and help to normalize the act itself. If you have any locations in Montreal to share though feel free to send me an email at

I also encourage others to create dumpster diving maps for their cities. I’ve used (which I like a lot) but you can use Google Maps as well.

Anyways, check it out if you want some dumpster diving locations in Montreal (though the vast majority are in the Plateau), or if you just like maps and you want to see how I did it.

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  1. If in Montreal, try the dumpster behind 5400 Henri Julien (near Laurier metro). They throw out a lot of stuff sometimes just because they don’t have tags, just don’t eat the meat, for the love of anything grand, don’t eat it!

  2. Find your local Chapter of “FOOD NOT BOMBS.” Talk about dumpster diving.
    Protest War, Poverty and the Destruction of Our Environment by Feeding the Needy.

  3. Interesting , thoughtful blog you’ve got ! Just stumbled upon it for the first time. I’ve been dumpstering (and passing stuff on to feed many friends) for about 7 years in Montreal..and I just wanted to say please be careful publishing stuff like this – a lot of people see that and go and aren’t respectufl – don’t follow the dumpster code of ethics, you might say..(ie. don’t leave a mess, don’t make noise, be respectful to merchants etc)..and then placse get locked, replaced with compactors etc…good spots have been dropping like flies lately….I have taken many people dumpstering for the first time, but I always insist on taking them myself the first time so they see how to do it while minimizing the risk of ruining it for all the others who depend on these food sources….Just some food for thought, you might say..

    1. Thanks for commenting. It’s a good point to make, and perhaps I’ll edit my post (and my map) to emphasize this. Being clean and respectful is the best way to ensure that the location remains available in the long-term. It also helps garner respect for trash pickers everywhere!

      1. First time at this blog, but I was kind of surprised to see a map. Seems like kind of asking for trouble. I would take the map down. Share your information with real-life friends, etc., not the whole world.

        1. I’ve had a few discussions about this. At this point I am no longer updating the map, I hope it mostly serves to make the practice a little more accessible to those who are curious and are thinking of trying. The map is useless to anyone outside of the Plateau (and maybe Grande Prairie AB), but offers general information as to where one might find food to start with.

  4. I have been doing this for years – garbage shopping that is and have found some incredible stuff. I haven’t worked up the nerve to dumpster dive yet. Does anyone know any good dumpster dives in Ottawa? My Couchsurfing friends will love this site.

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  6. Salut, Je suis à la recherche d’endroits pour faire du Dumpster Diving prêt du métro Pie 9, dans le cartier Hochelage. Je suis allée au Marché Maisonneuve, mais les Dumpster sont barrés. Merci des conseils!!

  7. here in the states, Wegman’s grocery stores throws out their food, that they have made for the day, including breads and pastries. I asked an employee, why they did not donate it to a food bank and they said because of “liability”…..afraid of being sued……such a waste!!

  8. I stubbed upon your site via google.I’m somewhat jealous as I live in Cyprus.There was so much to find until the EU regulators came in,self compacting skips and dump sites are guarded to prevent fires.Out dated Food should be priced as low as possible and then landfills wouldn’t be used as much.My business is like yours,I resale anything and there is always a buyer,just have to be patient. Congratulations on your honesty,there is nothing wrong in looking through rubbish and recycling! some of the most incredible things come from this practice and sold in auctions. Keep looking and good luck.who knows what you will find shortly.PS,for the skeptics,I have found handfuls of 18ct gold,old watches & coins,antiques,works of art and also furnished my house to the maximum with the beautiful things people throw away. Thank you for reading this.

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