Fog-brained pt.2

(FYI, I started this post a month or so ago, will leave what I wrote and add a bit of newer info at the end).

The garbage has continued to be just okay overall, though it’s good to remember that today’s okay is yesterday’s (as in, when I started this blog) “omg.” I’m still picking up enough to keep the ball rolling, and thankfully I now have a few different people I trust selling stuff for me. I don’t feel motivated to flip my own trash these days, maybe because it’s never been easier to have someone else do it for me. And why not? It saves me a lot of effort, and sometimes they do a better job that I ever could, especially in niches I’m not very good at (ie: clothing). So the money has been consistent, even if I haven’t found much gold, literally or metaphorically.

The brain is still pretty foggy and it’s hard to jump-start it. I’m trying a new medication called Trintellix but it’ll be a couple more weeks at least before I know if it’s actually working.

The spot above was a two hit wonder. Maybe if I had gone down that street a little sooner I would have found more… Anyways, that first day I picked up a bunch of worldly items in good condition, including a couple nice pieces of Tonala (Mexican) pottery, some quality brass tchotchkes, and several miniature houses that I’d guess were bought in Spain or Morocco. A lot of this was sold on my new Instagram account, @garbagefindssells, and others went to the yard sale pile.

The standout from that night though was a little white kitchen bag filled with coins and other “junk”. My most valuable find was probably the Montblanc pen, it’s just the basic ballpoint but it should sell for 100-150$ (haven’t done my research yet though). Otherwise, I picked up a lot of largely worthless foreign coins and several largely worthless bills, but also some Euro coins and two silver coins from Germany commemorating the invention of the x-ray (top left-ish).
I went back the week after and found a recycling bin chock-full of crystal. I’m 99% sure crystal and drinking glasses in general aren’t recyclable, but whatever. I spent a good while picking glasses out of the bin – a surprising amount were not damaged.
These were my favourites. I saved 8 in total (they came in a few different colours), and the set sold quickly for 100$ thanks to one of my sellers. There was also a nice pink and clear decanter, which you can kind of see in the recycling bin shot on the left next to the Tim Horton’s cup (also not recyclable). That sold for 40$. Otherwise, a lot of the cups went to the yard sale and sold for around 1$ each. I still have a set of four cups from this spot to research, they’re heavy and have a cool bubble/hole in the bottom but aren’t signed.
Otherwise, here’s a few bits from another spot. There’s a couple bits of silver, like that little brooch on the left and the baby rattle on the right. The watches are the moneymakers though. The Casio at the top right is probably the most valuable, it’s in nice condition and those models from the 70s are fairly collectible these days… it should sell for between 100-150$. The solar Casio’s to the left both have signficant screen bleeding, but fortunately they’re the same model so I listed them together “for parts or repair.” They should sell for 50-60$.

I never heard of the Tissot Two-Timer before, but then I found two within a week (one came from another spot). It doesn’t seem to be super valuable, but the two together should make me around 80-100$. That antique compass is also very cool, too bad the glass is all bunged up.
Otherwise, I found a stash of vintage election posters right around the beginning of the election. A few featured Nick Auf de Maur, who I’d never heard of but sounds like quite a character. He ran, but lost as a PC in 1984. I also saved about a dozen 1986 Montreal Civic Party posters featuring Claude Dupras, their first party leader who wasn’t Jean Drapeau (he lost). I like political ephemera, so I’ll probably keep one copy of each and sell the rest.

More recent news & notes:

  1. Trintillix sucks so far. I’m losing interest in trying pharmaceutical anti-depressants, they have done little to help so far (and I’ve tried about seven now?). But I’ll talk to my doctor any see what happens…
  2. The flow of garbage has also been mediocre, at least until last week. It was probably my first “very good” stretch for a while. Hopefully it keeps up, this job is more fun when I find things. Hopefully I can get my brain into actually posting some of that stuff here.
  3. WordPress has changed up their format and so far I hate it. If anyone knows a way to use the old platform, let me know. In the meantime, forgive me if certain things don’t work like they usually do (ie: you can’t seem to click on the pictures to zoom in, so if you want a closer look you’ll have to zoom in using your browser – usually CTRL & the + sign).

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  1. I feel for you on the anti-depressant front. I loathe to give out medical advice to strangers (as I’ve received my fair share of unsolicited and terrible advice), but it sounds like you are medication resistant. I’ve had Major Depressive Disorder for 22 years and have been diagnosed as medication resistant. Next attempt will be magnetic therapy, but it’s rough. Wishing you the best, I always enjoy your posts.

  2. you can also right click and Open Image in New Tab (or something equivalent), then you can zoom in as wanted (at that point is just an image, not restricted within WP)

  3. Hey Martin, not sure if you’ll remember me; it’s Leigh from Ottawa- Greg’s wife? Anywho, do you ever sell things online and ship them? I’ve got my eye on those German X-ray coins! 😍

    I always dig your blog and was jazzed to see another post. Sorry to hear you’re still feeling crummy. Depression is such an insidious thing, amazing how it can really fuck everything up. Wish I had some super thoughtful, inspiring words but my brain is fairly empty these days.
    Thinking of you though!

  4. Nick Auf de Maur was definitely a Montreal character. He wrote for the Gazette and was known for spending a lot of time hanging around Winston Churchill’s pub on Crescent street with Mordechai Richler. His daughter is Melissa Auf de Maur, who was in Hole with Courtney Love.
    It’s sad, when you think of it – today’s legends are tomorrow’s unknowns.

  5. For what it’s worth, a friend of mine is taking a free online course called “Mindfulness Daily with Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield” at The Radical Compassion Institute ›. It isn’t specifically aimed at depression, but she is finding very helpful for dealing with stress, and it takes only ten minutes a day. Best of luck!
    Joan in Westmount

  6. Hope you feel more energized soon – I enjoy your posts. I know it’s hard to get energy even when you know what makes you feel better (a walk or run) because of lack of motivation! Hope you regain yours soon! Take care of yourself.

  7. Good to see you back, Martin. Sorry you are not having any luck with the remedies tried so far and I hope you do find the path that leads to better health.

    Are you still having garage sales? The weather has been beautiful. If so, where are they announced? I checked on here during the summer but didn’t see anything. If they are still going on, I would like to attend.

    Take care and wishing you health and continued success.

    1. I have been having sales, haven’t been great about advertising them though. My helper posts them on Kijiji though, and maybe the Gazette… I definitely hope to have a sale or three before the end of the year

  8. Keep on keeping. Depression is a bear but it’s real. Thanks for the update and new post. “We” dumpster divers appreciate your sharing. I live in Wisconsin and pickings have been slim here also but I have it in my blood.

  9. I am with you on the trials and errors of medication. It’s so frustrating. You’re not alone in this struggle. I am glad you posted, I was missing your pictures and writing. Take care.

  10. Really good to receive your blog again! Was wondering where you were. Your posts are always interesting and inspirational to us other pickers. Your hauls are consistently beyond anything I could ever hope to find. Hope you’re successful in finding the right meds. Stay safe out there

  11. I know it’s way old-school, but Prozac has been working for me for years. I remember the day it started working – I woke up and, for the first time, I didn’t see everything through shit-colored glasses. People could tell the difference in me and some actually didn’t like it! Anyway, just thought I’d put in my two cents for you. Hope you find something that works for you soon.

  12. Well yippee io ki-yay! Colour me happy. You’re back! 🙂
    First off, I love your garbage/street rain shot.
    It’s great to clap eyes on all your cool finds once again.
    I’m forever hoping that a “fix” that’ll make life better for you will be found. It’s horrible that you’ve been mired so long in the dark swamp of depression.
    So looking forward to seeing you next week.

  13. I LOVE your posts. They’re fascinating. I love what you do for a living. I have been on a lot of different antidepressants in my life, I can’t even remember them all. Elavil, Paxil, maybe Celexa? Others. Sometimes just time passing was the thing that helped. Also, it’s hard to find a therapist that clicks. I had a child psychologist, then a psychiatrist — both crappy for me — then a Marriage and Family Therapist who was PERFECT and helped me a lot, but she wasn’t allowed to prescribe drugs, so I had to see another psychiatrist for that and he was horrible. Ugh. I think, nowadays, that a lot of people unknowingly had Covid 19 in the early days and were never diagnosed and it’s causing a long-term problem with malaise and depression. I think we will find out in the future that undiagnosed Covid 19 has a very strange long-term effect. I hope you feel better. My second comment follows…

  14. Would you be interested in doing a post all about just the Brutalist style jewelry you have found over the years? Using your old photos, if you don’t have the items anymore? And do you have any Brutalist jewelry now that is for sale? I remember seeing pieces you had a couple different times, and thinking about buying them from you, and then they sold and I was kicking myself. Do you keep lists of people who want specific things like that so you could notify me?

    1. Hmm maybe, for now if you search the archives for “brutalist” you’ll find most of it. I had a good haul of several pieces around 5 years ago now, otherwise it’s been just a few pieces here and there. Haven’t found any recently though. Unfortunately organization isn’t my best trait, so I don’t keep lists.

  15. SO nice to see a new post in my inbox! FWIW, I was on Paxil for a while and it was hellish. Got worse when I was weaning myself off of it (on my own, via smaller and smaller chopped up doses), but then, after a time, things started getting better. Net-net, it takes a while to see results if going off-meds is the path you choose. And if you do choose that path, please have patience as it takes a while, and it is NOT fun in the meantime. Maybe read some of the old Stoics for a different view … Seneca et al. Great finds above, bon courage, and please post more! Still interested in Euro coins 🙂

  16. I hope you get some relief soon. My daughter has been on many medications for depression too, with very little success. The brain is still such a mystery. Good luck.

    It’s great that you have found reliable sellers to do that part of the job for you. One person can only do so much!

  17. You found some lovely glass. The colored cut glasses are Bohemian glass. Some makers like AKJA are very valuable. In the states cobalt blue is highly prized. When it gets too cold to hunt outside, I’d highly recommend the Goodwill bins, which I see Canada has. There are amazing thing in bins that are constantly changed during the day. Here the prices are $1.99 a pound and .29 an inch on books. 99 for anything electric. Even after 20 people have dug through a bin, I pulled out a 1960 Jens Quistgaard for Dansk teak salt and pepper grinder to my amazement. Last week I found 2 -1905 military ammunition belts and a signed Doctor Seuss book!. I hope you have had a physical to look for biologic reasons for lethargy and depression. Simple things like low thyroid cause serious health issues that appear to be depression. My daughter has suffered like you and I think regular heavy aerobic exercise and sun give you natural endorphins and more energy. We all hope you find some respite, we love sharing your treasure hunts with you. Perhaps if you are tired, we could all take turns posting our finds online and comment and help each other research our finds.

  18. “WordPress has changed up their format and so far I hate it. If anyone knows a way to use the old platform, let me know.” I am not sure what you are referring to but if it is the Gutenberg editor that you don’t like, then you can install the Disable Gutenberg plugin.

  19. HI – M I just looked at which is a pattern matching service for china, flatware, glass, crystal, etc and they have a new app that allows you to take a pic of your item to try to identify maker and pattern. This would be helpful for the bubble glasses you found. I never cease to be amazed and what is tossed. Diane

  20. WordPress has changed up their format and so far I hate it. If anyone knows a way to use the old platform, let me know. In the meantime, forgive me if certain things don’t work like they usually do (ie: you can’t seem to click on the pictures to zoom in, so if you want a closer look you’ll have to zoom in using your browser – usually CTRL & the + sign).

    It’s Kathryn from here. Sorry you’re having some trouble! I hope you’ll reach out to us via so we can look at things together and you help get things sorted.

    1. I think it’s just the new Gutenberg editor thing. Well, it’s not that new but for a long time I was able to use the Classic editor even though it was being phased out, but now I can’t find it anymore. I guess I could learn to use the new one, I just liked the other one just fine… and I used it for about a decade, lol.

      1. Yep, I understand! We can definitely help you get back to the Classic Editor, it’s still available. So do feel free to reach out to support and we’ll be glad to help with it!

  21. Wonderful job.I hope your spirits lift and that you keep writing more posts.For three months I was worried about you because you were not posting anything on your blog.I was checking once every week.A lot of people want you to continue your mission and adventures so please do not feel you are alone in your private fight against melancholy.

  22. I want you to post more often on your blog.Even short posts will do.You keep my morale up.

  23. Oh I’m so sorry that you aren’t finding relief in the medicine. One of my best friends has started Trintellix (sp?) within the past year and it took a bit to start helping. It’s tough to say exactly how long as she was also weaning off another med at the same time, but it seemed like a few months before she was weaned off and started feeling the Trintellix helping. I do hope that you find something that works. I had post-partum depression after weaning my second child and it was horrible. I never understood what depression was until this happened. It’s like your mind lies to you. I have so much more compassion for anyone suffering from depression now. Before I think I didn’t understand that people can’t just snap out of it. I hope that you feel much better soon, and please don’t give up on finding something that works for you. You have many people here cheering you on.

  24. What in the WORLD took me so long to find this blog????? Great content, interesting discussions (because, wonderful followers), and a subject matter that touches my heart. I’m hooked! Take care, Martin.

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