Garbage meat gamble

This spot in upper Outremont was good to me for about six weeks. I met one of the tossers the first day. She seemed okay with my presence, and even gave me some rollerskates. But on the last day she asked me to leave her trash alone, and threatened to bring it back inside her property if I didn’t. Fortunately the best had already made it to the curb, but the change of heart was discouraging nonetheless.

One day I found a suitcase filled with video games mostly for the Wii. Easy money!

Another day I found a freezer bag full of meat. I don’t usually take frozen food, but this time I took the chance. The meat was still ice cold and rock solid when I found it, and it was pretty clear that these were high quality (often organic) cuts. There was some fish in there as well which was apparently sport-caught in Haida Gwaii BC.

I’m a bit squeamish when it comes to meat, especially garbage meat, but I figured that my friends might be able to view it more rationally. It did spend a few months in the freezer (again), but eventually we tried it and no one got sick – in fact it was pretty delicious. So, that ended up being a nice treat, and it’s good that the animals didn’t die for nothing. But I’m curious as to what you would have done in the same situation, see the poll below!


On another occasion I filled a Halloween bucket full of miscellaneous crap.

There’s lots of items on the junk / quality junk spectrum here. Some of it sold at my yard sales, while some ended up in free boxes on the curb.

The Gucci watch box was nice, but my best find here was the Le Chateau gift card which held about 37.46$. I’m not sure what I’d buy there, however.

Again, my best finds here are probably the two Renaud Bray gift cards. One was worth 25$, the other about 58$. Not bad! Renaud Bray is a largely French book store, but they do sell some useful stuff like candy and printer paper. That beaded Birks clutch is vintage and cool, and those unopened cassettes ended up in an auction lot with other unopened cassettes. The soap is now part of my collection of soaps – my hope is that I never have to buy any again, even after gifting some to my mom.

Here’s the jewels and perfumes. Also, more fancy soap for my collection. To be honest I was hoping for more gold, but I guess I shouldn’t be greedy. That straight razor pendant is 10k gold, and a few other pieces are silver. More valuable is that CB “I hate perfume,” which smells like Russian tea and sells for 110 USD. Given that the bottle is pretty full, it should sell for a good price (if I don’t keep it myself, that is).

These folks also threw out a lot of eyeglasses, most of which were made by designers. A few are by Alain Mikli, and others were made by Prada, Paul Smith, and Ray-Ban. Frames generally take a while to sell, but they can go for pretty good prices.

Last but not least is a soapstone carving that survived the tossing in reasonably good condition. If I remember correctly it sold for 44$ at auction. It seems like I’ve found more soapstone than usual this year.

Otherwise, I finally bit the bullet and hired an old friend to help me with my emails. I was about a year behind, and it was time to accept that I just suck at that aspect of my job. She’s only helped me for a couple hours so far, but I definitely think it will help me stay on top of things going forward. (I still hope to respond to those past emails as well).

I also got her to make me a mailing list for yard sales and such. At some point I might add a script to the bottom of this page (it doesn’t seem to be working at the moment), but for now you can sign up by clicking this link. Unfortunately yard sale season is nearly over, but at least it’ll be set up for next year. Either way, my next and probably second last sale is probably going to be this Saturday, when the weather is supposed to be (relatively) warm and sunny. Again, it will be at 4096 Coloniale starting round 11:30.


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12 thoughts on “Garbage meat gamble”

  1. In my area USA-Missouri people are always looking for old freezer meat to make dog food or at least that’s what they say on CL .

  2. The soap, the Bulgari will sell on ebay. I bought Bulgari white there because it is hard to find. If you have other designer soaps, you can do a grouping of soaps. Also, have you thought about selling the gift cards below their value (if you don’t use thdm). On second thought, maybe you already do that. As usual, LOVE your finds and blog (not the meat, sorry, nope). 🙂

  3. Hi Marty – Great finds. I have found that eBay buyers love a mixed lot of perfume samples. Lots of 10-20 sell easily. Perhaps you could use the first gift card to buy your mom or friend a holiday gift? I would like to hear how the auction house business is progressing and if you have figured out any interesting patterns about sales on ebay versus auction house.

  4. Too bad that woman did a 180 away from friendly. Some good finds there. Oh well, you managed to keep a portion of her discards out of the landfill anyway.
    You say Renaud Bray sells “useful stuff like candy” … hahaha … your definition of “useful” and mine are a tad different. I remember though that you’ve always been a fan of hard candy. 🙂
    A mention, re: soap! 🙂 *hugs*
    Good to hear “you’re” getting caught up with your long overdue emails.

  5. I wouldn’t eat the meat but that’s mostly because I have a bit of a phobia around food safety and I would wonder why they were discarding it, like maybe the power was out and the stuff thawed and then re-froze. See? Phobia 🙂 But I commend you for doing so and agree that it was good to keep those animals lives from being wasted.

    Bummer that the woman decided to get snippy – I wonder what on earth made her turn from friendly to cranky? If people don’t want their stuff, why why WHY do they not want anyone else to make use of it? Pah!

  6. Nice finds! Glad there were no ill effects on anyone but I wouldn’t have eaten the meat. It has been largely ignored in the Canadian media but there have been massive industry-wide recalls in the past couple of weeks of beef and other meat due to e-coli contamination. The processing dates go back to the spring and could therefore include meat that had been frozen for some time. In any case, one might assume there is probably a reason people throw away seemingly good meat. A lot of the recalled meat could be good but you never know what you’re getting.

    1. You should be able to find any relevant recall notice online. That being said, I took the chance in large part because these people were multimillionaires, and wasteful ones at that. If they weren’t rich I probably would have erred on the side of caution.

      1. Yes, it’s online and you can also subscribe, which I do. In the past couple of weeks there has been a bombardment of emails with long lists of raw and processed meat products recalled. The reason I thought the meat you found could be a result of the recall is in the emails they advise people to throw the meat away. It’s unfortunate that they have to recall everything when it’s probably only a percentage that is tainted.

  7. I admire your courage in eating the meat.But I am opposed to eating meat.I am a high-level swimmer who is exclusively vegetarian and I am also a good basketball player.I walked in the climate march and I met many people at the march who are exclusively vegan or vegetarian. .Eating Meat is bad for the environment and continues animal cruelty.Growing meat also takes up too much water and land.
    Your mission to save treasures from the trash is admirable.But you could have gotten sick and hospitalised from eating the old meat.Maybe you should have given the meat to the dogmeat manufacturer.

    1. With meat you have to trust your eyes & nose. If it looks good and smells good, it’s probably good. That said I’m still paranoid about such things because you get pretty sick if you’re wrong.

      I don’t want to get into the vegetarian debate too much. I used to cook mostly vegetarian, but I find that I feel better when I eat meat. l find legumes and such are hard to digest, so unfortunately I don’t see vegetarianism as much of an option even if it’s ethically solid.

      It’s also worth mentioning that certain crops, like soy are pretty bad for the environment. For example, a lot of the soy coming from Brazil is possible only because of deforestation.

  8. Yesterday was a super rainy day and lousy for scavenging.I was hoping you would put up a new post on Thurrsday.Anyways I am still hoping you will put up a new post before election day.
    I am also hoping that Conservatives will lose all of their seats in the Québec city area.Their policies on the environment are the worst.

    1. Speaking of elections, and garbage, thise signs will be surplus after Monday. They can be reused by using tge blank side, and I suspect one can make things out of tgem. They are like cardboard, but waterproof.

      So ger out early and collect some. The candidates have to remove them, but some are slower than others.


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