One hit wonder

It was just another pile of trash to most people, and I’m sure many passed it by without a second thought. But to me it was a pile of trash worth checking out, given that it was somewhat larger than your average pile of trash. Collections of this size will often disappoint, but until I develop x-ray vision my best chance at finding great garbage is to investigate piles that deviate from the usual. Fortunately this particular one was pretty good.

I found several neat items, including an old camera, a leather picture frame, a vintage alarm clock, and a few photos. That hearing aid remote control (to the left of the frame) was also a good find, I sold a similar one a little while back for about 80$.

It was the silver and jewelry that really made by night though. Those brushes are Birks sterling and should fetch a good price. The cufflinks weren’t super exciting, but the 14k white gold necklace chain (top right of the open jewelry box) was. The necklace at bottom right is nice as well – there are four strands of what look like tiny pearls attached to an 18k gold clasp, which featuring three stones that are probably diamonds.

I spotted my best find loose in a bag alongside some clothes. I had a feeling it was gold, given its weight and look, but had a hard time finding hallmarks. I eventually spotted some on the pin catch, but they were indecipherable. So, I brought it to my jewelry guy who confirmed that it was 18k gold, and was worth a bit over 700$ for its weight in gold (about 18 grams).

I wanted to make sure it wasn’t some fancy designer piece, so I took it home to do some research before making a decision. However, I wasn’t able to uncover any useful info, and after consulting Reddit I decided to sell it for scrap.

I think it was the right call. The price of gold is fairly high right now, and it’s hard to find buyers willing to pay above scrap value for pieces like this. I’ve had (and continue to have) other quality gold jewelry that languished on eBay for way too long, and sometimes it’s nice just to make a quick buck! Or 700…

Another interesting find was this small cup featuring a scene from Exodus.

The design is unlike any cup I’ve seen before. Most of the design looks like a repoussé, except for a small piece of the wall (to the right of the door) which is etched. I’m not sure why the maker did it like that, but maybe there was a good reason to do so. The cup is hallmarked “13” (around the top in this picture), which I hope means 13 loth, a base 16 German (and apparently Austro-Hungarian) silver standard that’s been obsolete since the late 1800s.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s from the 1800s just from the way it was made, but I can’t say I’m an expert in the area. I was able to find some similar cups on Google, but none were exactly the same / had the “13” hallmark. If you have any ideas let me know!

I haven’t seen anything at this spot since. Perhaps it will end up a “one hit wonder.”

Otherwise, I’ve been having a hard time putting words down lately. My family has been struggling with illness and age, and I’ve been dealing with more anxiety & depression, so maybe my brain just hasn’t been in a good place for writing. I hope my focus returns soon, but forgive me if it’s another long wait until my next post.

On the other hand, I’ve been thinking about doing some shorter posts, say between 1-3 photos. It might make it easier to share finds regularly. What do you think? I’ve worried that doing too many short posts might make the blog feel “spammy,” but I starting to wonder if that’s just a figment of my imagination.


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36 thoughts on “One hit wonder”

  1. I for one would very much appreciate frequent short posts – certainly prefer them over your going silent. ☺️
    That said, my absolute preference is for you to do what it takes to feel better. 💐
    Hope the fog lifts soon for you and yours!

  2. Congrats on the interesting and valuable finds! As to your posts, please know the pleasure I have in reading your posts is not dependant on their length. Wishing all the best for you and your family.

    1. Any time you post, and any length, is fine, Martin. We will be here! You can tell that you have many readers cheering you on. Please take care of yourself and hang in there. Illness and depression are so draining.

  3. Take care of yourself, accept help when it’s offered, we all love your posts but have come to love you through them. You matter more than the posts. Be well.

  4. What about an Instagram account? You could do quick posts instead of long, and stories when you don’t feel like writing? Either way, we love to see whatever you’ve got to offer us!

  5. Sorry you’re dealing with worrying about your family’s health problems Martin. Shorter postings are fine with me..i just love reading them all 🙂 take care of yourself! That gold pin was a great find!

  6. I subscribe to quite a few blogs and they range from food to home decorating to DIY. Every day, I receive quite a bit of email and sort through which ones I will read first, which ones I’ll read in the email, and which ones I’ll read on the web page.

    Your blog is one of the few that I never, ever hesitate to click open first and read on your web page. It does not matter to me if you send one large post once a week or so, or several shorter posts throughout the week. They will all be the ones I click first and read. Quite simply, I love reading of your finds, especially stories about how you find the items. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and I look forward to reading the next one.

  7. Martin, your posts are brilliant and it is so nice for you to share them, whether long or short. I look forward to, and enjoy, every one. It’s a great way to share in the joys of your discoveries. Your profession is not stress-free, what with all the a-holes you encounter from time to time, so please take care of yourself and your family. Bon courage.

  8. I enjoy your posts and pictures whether short or long. It fascinates me what people toss out as garbage. Wishing you peace.

  9. Martin, long time reader first time posting. Short posts, long posts it does not matter. Whatever is best for you and your health. Just take care of yourself.

  10. I’ve only recently discovered your blog, but in the short time I’ve been reading the effect that you have had on my own state of mind and general well-being has been nothing short miraculous.

    I understand that this does little to soulage your own concerns and anxiety, but please understand that my discovery of your blog has brought a renewed enthusiasm and drive to my life.

    All this to say that it’s important to me, as a reader, that you appreciate your worth and value to your impassioned community of readers and well wishers and that you stay the course with not only the blog but also the scavenging.

    However often you choose to post, you’ll still find us all hanging from every word and image.

    Best of luck, we salute you!

  11. Short posts, long posts, more pictures, less pictures, …

    I enjoy them whatever way. Take care of yourself and blog what and when you can. We enjoy them and learn new things with each one.


  12. I’d love to see short posts. Depression and anxiety can make everything feel overwhelming so just do the best you can. Take good care of yourself xoxo

  13. Whatever you do will work for us. First though, take care of yourself. Our thoughts are with you.

  14. Love your blog, but I just dealt with the loss of my beautiful mother to Alzheimer’s, so I definitely can relate. However, share we us, if you want to. We are here for you.

    1. Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease, I’m sorry. My stepdad is dealing with Lewy Body dementia, which is a terrible disease in its own way. My grandma is entering long-term care, not so much because she’s sick but because she’s very old (98!). Fortunately her brain is still in great shape, she still reads and is very much with it. But I’ve had to deal with my own issues as well, including the depression but more frustratingly panic with agoraphobia, which had made it impossible for me to travel very far for the past six years or so. As such I haven’t been able to visit either of them for years, which makes me feel quite guilty. But, here’s hoping things improve soon (I’m trying a new medication which might be helping). And for a silver lining, at least my “comfort zone” has been big enough to allow me to pick garbage in a variety of neighbourhoods, and continue leading a relatively normal working life. Some people with agoraphobia are houseband, and that wouldn’t be great for the blog, lol.

  15. Martin. I am like the fellow that posted previously. When I see a post is up from you, it’s the first thing I read. I know it will be interesting and informative. You have so much to offer, especially to someone from the states as you find the most fascinating Canadian things that I’ve never seen or heard of before. Frankly, I would love frequent short posts from you but whatever is best for you, is fine with me and probably all of your followers. Take care of yourself and know that you are appreciated by many.

  16. Cool finds, as always. There seems to be no end to the “different.”
    Clearly, there’s lots of love coming your way. I’ll add mine <3 as well. You've earned yourself a great following with your most excellent blog. Big or small posts … whatever … just take care of yourself and keep them coming. *hugs*

  17. like many others, I read your post first above all others, your sense of writing style, your frankness and your open sharing is what keeps me coming back. Either way you decide, I shall be here waiting for the next blog post.
    The phrase “You are enough” rings true for you, take care of yourself
    Suzana from Australia

  18. Hi – Martin. My father had dementia for 17 years. My stepmother had mental health issues and was not diagnosed with dementia until it became end stage because her “normal” behavior was not so normal. I was also overwhelmed by family problems. Perhaps you would find support in someone who is in a similar situation, or has been in your position or just a therapist to listen. Both my parent passed 3 months to the day from one another. I initially felt relief, then some melancholy. All you can do is accept it is part of the normal life process and do your best to lend support and comfort. My heart is with you. Diane

  19. I’m happy with any way you choose to post – just take care of yourself and do what you have to do. Wishing you better days ahead.

  20. I just love to see your finds!! Take care of yourself first and then the family. Breathe and love each minute and tell people that you love that you love them so they never have to wonder. Hugs to you. Short posts would be great. Judy.

  21. The Kiddish cup should be listed under Judica a month or two before Passover for best interest and prices.

  22. I have also been going through a family illness.its hard.especially when you have depression and anxiety issues,which I do as what you need to do for yourself and we will be here to listen .take care of yourself.

  23. Congrats on the good finds. How lovely that you made the easy $700 while you are feeling down. Finding your posts in my Inbox are always a delight. Since you don’t have ads, short posts would NEVER feel spammy. I hope you take care of yourself. Life sucks sometimes, but it gets better.

  24. As s so many have said, Martin, post as you feel like it. Your well-being is most important. Best wishes to you and your family for good health.

  25. I’ve been following you for a long time, Martin, and I love this blog so much. Know you are not alone with your struggles.

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