Garbology pt.3

I found so much stuff at this spot that I brought several bags back to my garage for further sorting. The next day I took pictures of some of the more photogenic items for an Instagram story. I’m guessing that most of you didn’t see that though, so here they are!

Here we have an old Aunt Jemima plastic salt shaker, probably from the 50s. Yes, it’s pretty racist. This piece isn’t particularly valuable (I plan on selling it for 1-2$ at a yard sale) but some of the rarer Aunt Jemima stuff goes for pretty good money.

I ended up finding a whole bunch of those old tin toy dishes. They’re not super valuable, but they’re fun and should fetch around 50 cents a piece at a yard sale. I also have some larger, rectangular dishes that aren’t pictured.

Here’s some vintage Canadian Tire money…

… and a booklet made for the “Centre des Mets Chinois a Montreal” in the 1970s (Chinese food centre of Montreal).

Inside one of the bags was a collection of old photos, many of which were stored in these little albums. Below is a little video of me flipping through one of the albums. I don’t know where these particular photos were taken, but other photos were marked as being from Campbellton NB. They were probably taken in the late 40s / early 50s.


FYI, I just upgraded my blog subscription (which is why it now costs 300+ dollars a year). The upgrade comes with unlimited storage space (I was running out of space) and the ability to embed videos whenever I want. So, I’ll probably be sharing more videos going forward!

Some of the old pottery didn’t make it. This McCoy teapot would have been a nice piece but the handle was smashed beyond repair.

Here’s a vintage cloth diaper with “I’m the boss” written on it. Apparently it was a souvenir from Atlantic City. I think this was the first time I found a souvenir diaper.

Here’s an interesting old poster which I’d guess was made in the 60s. I can’t find reference to “Lennick G” or any of the writing, and I don’t recognize the guy in the picture closest to the bottom. If you happen to have that information please post it in the comments!

Here’s a portrait signed by an artist named Zolag in 1976. There aren’t many references to Zolag online, but apparently he was a Montreal-based caricaturiste who died back in 2011.

I found so many salt and peppers shakers here. This is a little Made in Japan teapot pepper shaker.

Here’s an unusual rocket-shaped salt shaker made by Kazin Molded Products. I also have the pepper shaker, and they should sell for a buck or two at a yard sale.

That’s all the shakers for now, but there’ll be lots more in a future post!

I also found this Black & Decker horizontal stand…

… an ashtray made from a flattened beer bottle;

… clippings related to the coronation of QEII;

… a cute cloth calendar from my birth year;

… and a fun vintage Mickey Mouse coin bank made by Reliable Toys. Vintage Mickey stuff sometimes sells for very good money but this bank isn’t particularly valuable. It’s worth around 20-30$ but I’ll sell it for less at a future yard sale.

We’re at the bottom of the bag! There’s lots more to share, but it’ll have to wait for an upcoming post.

Otherwise, a reader commented recently asking if I had found any records of late. Well, I did find a bag full of them in at a familiar spot in Outremont (these guys seem to be throwing out a few records a week these days). Below is a selection of what was inside the bag. The most interesting and valuable might be the Pierre Henry “Le Voyage,” an experimental electronic journey based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead. Sounds trippy, and I’m sure one of the many musicians living in the area will buy it at my yard sale. The rest are quality yard sale material, and should sell for around 1-2$ a piece.




I’ve taken a bit of time off from picking recently due to the weather, instead focusing on getting my junk listed on eBay. I think I’ve listed about 30 new things since my last post, and plan on getting more done in the coming days. The more I have listed, the more I can sell!

This next week is supposed to be relatively mild; I’m looking forward to picking in positive celsius temperatures! My luck has been decent of late, no mind blowing finds but lots of cool vintage stuff, some of which is worth selling on eBay. Last night I saved a bit of silver, some old kitchenwares, an electric typewriter, and some telegrams from the 1910s. You’ll be seeing those things in a future post!


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14 thoughts on “Garbology pt.3”

  1. Nehru (14 November 1889 – 27 May 1964) was the first Prime Minister of India and a central figure in Indian politics before and after independence. He emerged as the paramount leader of the Indian independence movement under the tutelage of Mahatma Gandhi. (Wikipedia)

  2. I used to use small plates like the ones you found to serve plastic food from my play kitchen 🙂 I wonder if my parents still have them.

  3. I think that it’s a picture of Nehru
    who at one time, the was Prime Minister of India

  4. Yes, Nehru. I have the set of the Aunt Jemima shakers. They were worth a pretty penny about 10 years go but’ like Depression glass, they’ve gone down a lot in value. The cloth diaper..I bought one in 77 at Wildwood..same saying. They were selling them as babies bathing suits at the time.
    Good luck with your eBay sales!

  5. Le Centre des Mets Chinois a Montreal still exist on Mont-Royal street! I can’t wait for garage sale season!

  6. Pop a small green plant of some sort into the broken McCoy teapot and it will go fast at your next garage sale!

  7. I cannot believe someone would throw out so many beautiful salt and pepper shakers.When my grandfather died in Maine last year,my parents eagerly kept all the porcelain,books,knick-knacks and salt and pepper shakers while emptying the house of furniture and appliances.They were proud to have inherited them.What a beautiful and noble mission you have undertaken!

  8. Please do not forget to scavenge Bonavista street in upper Westmount when you are in the borough.It is quite wealthy there.You never know what you could find.

  9. I have small tin plates like the ones you have in my kitchen.I regularly use them to serve snacks and put pastry pieces.I am not thinking of throwing out the six or seven tin plates I own.Even if I move,they are not heavy to carry.I am blown away by your finds.

  10. Zolag was an Armenian Canadian caricaturist, I have a picture made by him. He used to work in Old Montreal.

  11. Always love your posts, Martin. To think that someone lovingly saved this stuff, and some overworked and uncaring person tossed it away, and that you brought it back just delights me to no end. Keep up the good work. Loved the video photo book.

  12. Those tin plates are fantastic. I wonder if they’d do well in a lot on Ebay even if they aren’t particularly valuable individually. Also, the diaper might go quite high on Ebay…there is quite the market for vintage diapers of all sorts.

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