Sortilège pt.2

Most of the snow from the past week has finally been cleared, making it easier for me to go about my business. I went on a long run this morning, passing through some of Outremont and lots of Cote St-Luc. I didn’t see much of interest, but five nice pens (including a Parker 51) I found on one of my last streets may have salvaged the day.

My Tuesday evening run was also saved by one good pile. Some rich folks who look to soon be moving put out bags and bags of clothes, most of which were in great shape. I found a bag loaded with barely worn jeans, a bag of nice shoes and boots, a bag of jackets, and a bag of dress shirts. Most seem to be in yard saleable condition, but one pair of 20-eye Doc Marten boots might be worth listing on eBay.

It’s supposed to rain a lot, and then snow again tomorrow which might put a damper on my picking. We shall see! In the meantime, here’s some more finds from the summer. This place was tossing out great stuff week after week, from fun vintage “quality junk” to some silver and gold jewelry. Above is a nice old rotary phone, an Oticon hearing aid doohickey, a Cartier watch box, and some chandelier crystals.

I saved a sewing box filled with shoe shapers, many of which sold at my yard sales.

The family looked to be Jewish. Above you can see a mezuzah and a medallion commemorating one of Israel’s military victories.

This coin celebrates the 25th anniversary of Israel. They don’t tend to be worth much – I think they were pretty commonly given out as gifts. However, maybe one day I’ll get lucky and find one made of silver or gold. This one is bronze.

I found some cool frames here. The green ones are a bit odd – they have no earpiece to speak of and are also perhaps the strongest glasses I’ve ever tried on. Usually it hurts my eyes to put on strong prescriptions, but these ones just make me feel drunk.

Here’s some of the costume jewelry, as well as some smaller pins & baubles.

You might remember those pens from a recent sales post. They were old Parker Vacumatics that despite not being in perfect condition still sold for 90$. That Birks frame was missing the glass but still sold recently for 30$. There’s another mezuzah here, as well as a nice vintage Montblanc pen box that should sell for a decent profit.

My favourite finds though were the bits of gold and silver jewelry you see above. Most went to my silver/gold scrap guy – he can do with them as he pleases. I kept the gold Star of David pendant, which I expect I can sell at above weight value online, and the charm on the bottom left. All in all, these pieces should end up making me around 300$.

There’s one more part to this series. It’ll include some interesting photos and an uncommon book!


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17 thoughts on “Sortilège pt.2”

  1. Mt parents have that same rotary phone! And last I heard, it still was hooked up, too. Same color, also.

  2. Ahhhh … what a sweet rotary phone! How I loved those things.
    I’m always amazed at how much money can be got from an empty box. 🙂
    What’s that snail-like thingie in the third pic? An ammonite?

  3. Nice sterling silver bookmark in the last pic, top left. I think that would have done well on ebay? It’s hallmarked for Birmingham 1928.

  4. I love the look of the rotary phone you found.How much do you plan to sell it for?

    1. I think I already sold it. I’d ask probably between 3-5$ at a yard sale, depending on how tired / sick of garbage I was.

  5. So interesting! How do you pick up things on your run? Do you take a backpack round with you?

  6. In picture number 7, what is that gold colored, hinged container with the children’s etched heads? To hold needle and thread or band-aids? Photo’s maybe?

    1. It’s somewhere deep in my yard sale stuff now. It’s pretty cheap to buy though, you can probably get one at a local hobby shop or on eBay.

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