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I forgot to mention in my last post this box of dolls, figurines, and other miniatures I found in Westmount. I was pretty busy at the time and I only got around to looking at the things inside this week. I knew the box held some very cute figurines, but as it turned out it contained some minor treasures as well.

As you can see, many of the figurines were wrapped in toilet paper. The box looked like it had been tossed without much of a thought.

There were lots of mice, but also plenty of other animals.

A lot of the fabric figures are kind of dirty but maybe someone could clean them. I think a bunch of them are supposed to be Christmas tree decorations, they have green string coming out of their backs. It’s a shame that both those rabbits in the back right are missing a part of their ear – fortunately, they still look nice viewed from their profile. I found a similar rabbit a while ago, I forget who designed them but I remember that they are collectible in good condition.

Otherwise, there’s a Wade cat figurine, a few other vintage cat figurines, and a stone mouse marked as being made in Italy.

My favourites are the extra small pieces. I wish the photo turned out better, but you can still get a better look by clicking on the picture and zooming in. The dragon-like creatures on the left might be made by the same company that did the rabbits above, the glaze is quite similar. Otherwise, there’s lots of other animals here, and many of them are vintage as well.

I did some research on the little metal mouse at bottom, second from the right, which had Austria stamped on the bottom. As it turns out it was designed by Walter Bosse, a noted mid-century craftsman. 1stDibs has one for sale at 250$. The prices at 1stDibs are super marked up (it’s a website for interior designers and the super rich) but I still think I can get at least 50$ for it.

If you know anything about any of the other figurines let me know! I’m not really an expert on the topic.

There was also a tiny Windsor Star newspaper, made around the time of Pope John Paul I’s death in 1978. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before.

Inside the box were several bracelets. None are wildly spectacular, but the two on top are made from sterling silver.

My favourite find might be this thimble, which is made from 10k gold. This is the first time I’ve found one! It’s worth close to 100$ in scrap, but I should be able to sell it for a bit more than that.

Otherwise, I mentioned in my last post that I was looking for a garage. Well, I finally found one. It’s not too far away either, in the Plateau near Laurier Park. I’m still going to use my other storage place, but this one has a few features the other doesn’t, like electricity, running water, and lights. It’ll be a lot easier to take photos of my finds which should lead to more garbage making the blog! I also like that I can easily test my electric finds and clean some of the dirty ones, making for better and more organized yard sales.

The rent is 200$ a month, but I’ll be sharing it with my friend who wants to repair and bring new life to largely dumpster dived furniture, some of which I’ve found or we’ve found together. Once she repairs a few pieces I’ll post some before and afters so that you can see the transformation!

It’s going to be a bit of work cleaning it up and getting it set up, but I’m excited to have a space like this at my disposal.

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40 thoughts on “Mousely Crew / Garage”

  1. A good place to work is always a nice thing , Good for you and your friend!! Martin, maybe you did not read last;s post;s messages but I would like to buy from you the 70s matchbox car case…let me know how much for it..THANX!

  2. That’s a real fun collection! Mid-century Mouse is very cute and that’s something nice for thimble collectors. Good luck with the new facility!

  3. Somebody sure liked mice! What’s the little black bull on the left in the third pic made of? A couple of those bracelets look like they have mother-of-pearl inlay?

    Sweet thimble. If I were young and just starting out, I think I’d collect those, because they’re small. 🙂

    Great news that you’ve found a garage space (with power and water!) fairly close by, and that you can share the cost of rental cost! Sweet!

    1. It’s plastic, and yup mother of pearl.

      I’d keep it if I were rich, but it’s impossible to turn down 120$ at this point.

  4. I just love the variety of stuff you rescue. I was thinking of you last night as I listed a pile of stuff on eBay, most of which I’d pulled from after-garage sale free piles. I

  5. Sett little figurines 🙂 love the thimble, good luck with that! Congrats on your new space, should be great this winter.

  6. Your rabbits are Sylvac Hares Martin. Check out for sold prices although not worth your while with damaged ears. Good luck with the garage facilities!

    1. Yup, they’d be worth something in nice condition but with the missing ears not so much. I’ll see if I can get 50c each at a yard sale though.

  7. The pottery owl and other unidentifiable critter with the same type of glaze and markings in the center of the bottom photo are Tonala pottery from Mexico. The Siamese kitten in the center – the one that’s holding one paw up – looks like Hagen Renaker.

    1. Cool, thanks for the info. Those ones stuck out to me so I’m happy to know their origin. I have some Hagen Renaker skunks from a previous trash heap, they’re very cute.

  8. There may be a few child’s literature figures – Paddington Bear (one with and one without his hat) and I suspect some Wind in the Willows characters. Ie Badger and Toad. All fun!

  9. Hey, great find with that garage! Hopefully this will be the space you need to really get business skyrocketing. 🙂 And those little figures are so adorable!!!

  10. yes i see a paddington sans hat and sylvac bunnies-the little siamese cat is familiar too.I am in the uk-i wonder if this person had uk connections? good luck-love your blog xxxx

    1. Quite possibly, there are a lot of people with British / Scottish / Irish heritage here, especially in certain boroughs (Westmount, NDG, Montreal West).

  11. I am both sad to think about someone’s little treasures in the trash (as I adored those types of things as a child) and happy that you rescued them. Best of luck on the resales.

    I adore that mouse.

  12. A lovely idea for the headline of your blog post.’Mousely Crew”.Wonder where the inspiration is coming from?Keep up your creativity,trash-hunting and wonderful blogging.

    1. I just decided to do a play on “Motley Crew”. It’s quite a team if you look at them all together!

  13. Congrats for getting this storage space.NOw you can start salvaging bookcases and other good furniture from the street as well.

  14. You are doing a super job.It is definitely better you do this than boring,minimum-wage jobs with little job security and few benefits.You are not only saving great things from the trash but are also educating some Montreal municipal politicians and borough mayors about the environment who quietly follow your blog .

    1. You think some local politicians follow me? Sometimes I take this job for granted, but I am lucky to work for myself and do something I enjoy.

  15. The real fur mouse in a pink tutu looks like a Little Mouse Factory piece, made in West Germany.

  16. I live in Cote St.Luc and go to public meetings often.After one meeting,one municipal politician,while discussing the environment,briefly mentioned your blog and said he follows it because he wants to come up with policies that reduce waste,promote reuse and discourage the discarding of good stuff.Most bureaucrats will not openly encourage you,but rest assured that at least some bureaucrats have admiring eyes for you.

    1. Oh cool, glad to see someone like that taking an interest in waste! Makes me want to go back to Cote St-Luc as well

  17. The little mouse dressed as a witch with a jack-o-lantern looks like it might be a Wee Forest Folk which is collectible and pricey!

    1. Probably the skier mouse as well.

      Also, there’s a Russian company, that makes mini glass animals in the style of the unicorn and basset hound. If it is that company they are not that expensive.

      It’s so funny to feel I have expertise here. Cutesy miniatures are not my thing but I worked at a gift shop. Funny, what we know and when it becomes useful!

      1. Indeed they are. Both are signed by Anne Petersen who apparently started Wee Forest Folk. I expect to get some decent money for those, perhaps around 100$ for the two. Thanks for the info!

  18. Reading through the comments I am so impressed with our collective knowledge!

    1. I was just thinking something similar; it all gets pieced together with bits of knowledge from one person or another. Way to go, people!

  19. I googled a few of these to see what people were suggesting and OMG the Little Mouse Factory ones CREEP ME OUT

    1. lol, the idea is very creepy but they’re not creepy in reality. They’re kinda cute, actually. And some of them sell very well. I found a bag of 10 or so at a thrift and made several hundred dollars on eBay and they were mostly the more common/ordinary ones.

  20. I think the fawn is Bambi. I’m not positive, but I remember having that same fawn as a child.

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