Yard sale!

Sunday’s weather is projected to be 15 and sunny. A little wind, but nothing too strong. Sounds like it’s finally time for a yard sale!

This sale is bound to be a bit chaotic. Basically, I have way too much stuff after a full winter of scavenging. It’s not quite as bad now after the organization session above (it’s a gif, and it should move if you click on it) but there’s still a lot to deal with. My first sale often tends to be an organization session in and of itself – I inevitably weed out a bunch of stuff that I should probably have left on the curb, or at least isn’t worth trying to sell.

Also, because my storage is more or less outside some of the things get a bit dusty thanks to the wind. I’ll have to wipe down some items with a cloth before I put them out. Fortunately I’ve enlisted a friend to help me with the setup which should make everything a little easier.

Anyways, the sale will be at 4096 Coloniale (near Duluth) starting at around noon. I’ll probably go until around 6pm, or when it gets too dark, cold, or quiet. If you have any questions post a comment or send me a Facebook message!

FYI, I have lots of stuff in the basement that won’t even make it to this sale. That means my next one will be pretty good as well, if not better. So if you can’t make this one, it’s not the end of the world.

Relevant links

1. Facebook page
2. My eBay listings
3. Etsy store
4. Kijiji listings
5. Contribute to garbagefinds.com

Email: thingsifindinthegarbage@gmail.com. I often fall behind on emails, so I apologize in advance if it takes me a while to get back to you.

23 thoughts on “Yard sale!”

  1. Darn! Wasn’t able to see the picture! Have decided you need an assistant and I’m volunteering. You don’t need to pay me I just want in on all the neat stuff you/we find. There is a problem logistically, though. I live in London, ON and you’re in Montreal. I’m sure we can work something out. 🙂
    Can’t wait for all your new posts – enjoy them so much.

    1. Lol. Well if you want to start trash picking the streets of London and mailing me your best finds I’d appreciate it! Seriously though, glad you like the blog.

  2. Well, well. I’m the one who will be opening the store in the GTA soon with all my garbage finds and guess where I used to live in Montreal before I moved here? On Hotel De Ville between Rachel and Duluth! Was a regular at Else’s!

      1. Else’s is still open for sure! I used to know the owner, Else herself until she died in an apartment fire, she was an amazing lady. The manager/ co-owner is a good friend of mine. I used to hang out at Chez Jose too and he’s my friend also. We have definitely crossed paths before, Martin!

        1. Oh okay, I know that place. Never been even though it looks cool. Looks like a nice place for a drink. I go to Chez Jose though, pretty regularly actually (went there for breakfast and coffee on the morning of the yard sale actually). It’s one of my favourite places in the neighbourhood.

  3. Do you ever find and rescue harmonicas,drum sets and working baby pianos from the trash?Eager to find out.

    1. I’ve seen a few harmonicas (nothing too exciting though from a value perspective). Otherwise, I think musical equipment is the one category of item that rarely gets thrown out. People know it has value, or think to donate it. I’ve found a couple guitars, but nothing of particularly high quality.

      1. I haven’t seen multiple items, but in the past decade I found a drum box, a special effects box, a guitar amplifier, various musical keyboards, a small mixer, there were probably others. I once found some esoteric rack mounted devices related to music or recording, I can’t remember what exactly, but left them because they were bug and heavy, and completely obsoleted by software run on a computer.

        I’ve never seen a broken electric guitar, which s too bad because the pieces could be used to make one.


        1. I do see lots of keyboards (many are pretty cheap to produce and not worth the effort of taking generally) and have picked up some musical accessories (like mixers, a couple CDJs, and so on).

          Some of the older stuff can still be worth money. People buy them wanting to create an old-school sound or have an old-school experience. Also, I’m sure some people buy them because they remember using them back in the day, and either want to buy the same model or need the parts to fix up what they already have.

  4. I have an old friend living on Buchanan Street in Ville St.Laurent not too far from Cote Vertu boulevard.Please visit Decelles street,Beaudet and De L’Église in Ville St.Laurent on trash pickup day.Also visit the cross Streets Gohier,Cardinal,Crevier,LIndsay,Leduc and Marcel Laurin.I scavenge regularly in my neighborhood of Cote Des Neiges.If I lived in Ville St.Laurent,I would regularly scavenge this area lined with beautiful homes.(I do not have a car unfortunately).

    1. I like some parts of Ville St Laurent, especially the part around Marcel Laurin that you mention. I have found some good things there in the past.

  5. I am an expat from France (the Languedoc region) living in Montréal since 5 years.I love the city and your super blog.I live in Longueil and encourage other people on Rive Sud to do the same.(You might find me crazy,but I actually voted for Marine LePen because I am tired of terrorism and religious extremism.I continue to support her and will vote for her in the second round).

  6. I hope your garage sale last Friday went great.I live on West Island and was working in home reno that day on a contract in Pointe Claire.Just want to let you know that there are more than 5,000 streets on the island of Montreal.Every month you should venture to some new streets for the first time on trash pickup morning and then write about them.I love your descriptions of neighborhoods and streets(when you do choose to write about this).Best

    1. It did go pretty well! I’ll go into more detail in my next post. I’ll be doing another sale soon if you can make it to that one.

      Only 5000 eh? I guess that’s about right. I tend to stick to what’s close to home, but I do like exploring sometimes.

  7. Hi Martin,I live in Ville St.Laurent and admire your work.If you find Tintin comic books in English,Lucky Luke comic books in French,books by Michael Pollan(example,THE BOTANY OF DESIRE,IN DEFENSE OF EATING,etc or mystery writer James Hadley Chase novels,please mention this.Interested in buying them probably.I search for these books in second hand stores,book sales and flea markets.

  8. Hey! I am an organic farmer from Rigaud, right outside Montreal! I was wondering if you have any old galvanized metal tubs (big or small) or any antique farming equipment? let me know if you do! thanks 🙂

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