Privilege Pt. 2


Let’s make this a quick one! The people who threw out the Macbook Pro tossed more great stuff last week.


There was lots of sports stuff, including: three quality baseball mitts, two frisbees, an aerobie (basically a frisbee that can easily be thrown the length of a soccer field), a raquet, …


… and a whole bunch of basketballs. None of the basketballs were especially nice, so I left them at the curb for others to find.


I also saved a cool vintage lockbox …


… a torah with a custom made cover;


… a lightly-used Juicy Couture computer bag;


… four pairs of designer glasses (bottom left – Chanel; top left – Oliver Peoples; top right – Christian Dior; bottom right – Lacoste);


… and a small collection of perfumes. I’ve already sold the Tiffany to a reader for 50$. I may keep the small bottle of Woods by Abercrombie & Fitch; I don’t usually do cologne, but I actually enjoy the smell of this one and think it might suit me. Still, it’ll be tempting to sell it given that another bottle just like it sold for 80$.


The perfumes were accompanied by this little glass perfume bottle. It looks to be hand-blown, and is very nice if not particularly valuable.


My best finds were tech, however. One bag held an old iPod and a Garmin GPS. The iPod seems to work, and while I haven’t yet tested the GPS I expect it works fine as well.


My best find though was this working iPad. It was password protected but there’s an easy workaround which also allows you to wipe the whole machine. It’s one of the older models so it’s only worth around 100$, but it’s still a nice get. This is the first time I’ve found an iPad in the trash.

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24 thoughts on “Privilege Pt. 2”

    1. I got one about ten years ago from a kiosk in the Oshawa mall – the company was “Isis” (after the Egyptian goddess, not the terrorist organization!).

  1. Wow! Great group of finds! Some nice money makers, for sure.

    That iPad’s probably the same vintage as the one I’ve got. 🙂

    Do you know the combination for the lock box?

  2. Martin, can you please show what is inside the box with the Hebrew letters? IT seems too small for a torah. Please can you share a photo?

    1. I made a mistake. It’s a Hebrew bible, which I thought was called the Torah. I’d share a photo but I have too much else to do – it’s not too exciting regardless.

      1. Is there anything inscribed on the inside of the holy book that would show the occasion for which it was presented? Any name?

  3. The perfume bottle is definitely Egyptian, I bought one just like that in Egypt although I have seen them back in Canada as imported. They are not worth much though, $5-10 and very very breakable, I would sell it at a garage sale rather than trying to pack/ship it.

  4. Been looking through some of your archived articles – LOVE the way you take pictures of the piles as discovered, and the shots of what you see when you peek inside are priceless, too. It’s obvious you put a lot of time and effort into this blog and I enjoy every bit of it. Best wishes and continued happy hunting!

  5. Don’t sell the iPod yet — it looks like a first generation nano. If it is, check the recall. I got mine swapped for a brand new current generation iPod. No retail box on the new one, but it ought to make you a handy profit.

      1. Awesome! I sold mine fast for $90, iirc. That’s been almost two years, though. Good luck! Love the blog!

  6. What an amazing haul! I have to admit to being more than a little horrified that someone would throw a Torah away with the trash. So glad you were there to rescue it and all that other lovely stuff.

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