Recent sales (December 7 – December 20)

The holiday season has treated me well. I sold 18 items in this two week period (which I think is some kind of record), bringing me within spitting distance of achieving my goal of 20k for the year. With ten days remaining in the year I now fully expect to reach that goal!

Early in the new year I’m going to publish a “financial year in review” post. It’s will describe using charts and graphics where I found my profitable items, what platform they sold on, and when they sold (among other things). It will all look very professional thanks to the help of my friend Sarah, who is a trained graphic designer. I look forward to sharing it here!

Now, without further ado here are the items that will hopefully provide their new owners with holiday cheer.

1. Art market: 192$. A nice sale to finish the year with. I’m looking forward to a winter off though. These sales can be a lot of fun, but they’re also a lot of work!


2. Switch-it radio: On eBay for 50$. A funky 80-90s portable radio. Found sometime this summer in TMR.


3. WISC test: On eBay for 42$. An intelligence test for children made in the late 1940s. Found late July in Hampstead. Click the link if you’d like to see more photos, some of the tests are pretty cool!


4. Citizen Eco-Drive watch: On eBay for 100$. This is one of those watches that’s near impossible to set the time for (at least for someone like me, who struggles with anything involving a long list of instructions, like assembling Ikea furniture). Eventually I decided to list the watch as it was, and it sold within a couple days. However, I had it in my possession for over a year before figuring out what to do with it. I don’t even remember where I found it. Needless to say I’m glad to see it finally leave the roost.


5. Sterling silver box: On eBay for 195$. A nice sale! As you can see it cleaned up quite well, though this took hours to accomplish. Polishing silver (at least the pieces with really stubborn tarnish) is one of my least favourite activities. Found early November in Westmount.

6. Collection of perfumes: To a reader for 85$. This included some of the scents from my last post, a miniature Hermes Caleche I found in Villeray, and some more miniature perfumes I came across while clearing out my friend’s shed. I found the latter miniatures (which included a Chanel #19 and a couple of Chanel #5s) in TMR way back when I first started going there about two years ago. It was high time I did something with them.

7. Vintage Blue Stratos after shave: On eBay for 40$. Found in the Plateau last summer, but only listed recently.


8. Mexican silver pendant: On Etsy for 23$. Found along with some other nice pieces May 2015 in Westmount.


9. Silver drop earrings: On Etsy for 23$. Found with the silver pendant above.

10. Silver ring: On Etsy for 20$. Found in the Golden Square Mile back in November 2014.

11. Silver Irish Harp earrings: On Etsy for 20$. Found in the Plateau two summers ago.


12. Momo steering wheel adapter: On eBay for 49$. Found a few weeks ago in the Town of Mount Royal.


13. 1947 Munro table hockey game: On Kijiji for 100$. I’ve had this game for over a year and a half. That’s mostly my fault though, because it wasn’t listed for a lot of that time. I’m glad to see it go to a good home. The game is quite cool, an early example of this type of table top game. Found April 2014 in Rosemont. Click the link if you want to see how it worked, and this one if you want to read about its interesting history.


14. Aynsley teacup and saucer: On eBay for 27$. One piece (the red cup and saucer above) from a massive collection found last October in Ville St Laurent. That night was one of my most profitable ever – I think I’ve made nearly 2000$ from the teacups alone. Only two remain in my possession.


15. Sterling silver wax seal: On eBay for 35$. Found in Rosemont way back in January 2014, but (again) was only recently listed.

16: Vintage Lacoste after-shave: On eBay for 87$. Now that this one is sold I have another exactly like it to list. The after-shave was in it’s original box, and didn’t look to have ever been used. Found May 2015 in Westmount.


17. 1960s Alouettes pennant: On eBay for 55$. Found May 2015 in Ville St-Laurent.


18. Vintage tube radio: On Kijiji for 40$. This was a beautiful radio but it needed a lot of work. It was very finicky. The guy who bought it thought he could fix it up nicely, and I wish him the best of luck. I considered keeping it myself (it made for a great decoration at least) but I decided I’d rather have the cash. Found September 2015 in Montreal West.

Total: 1183$, 19963.25$ since the new year began.

11 thoughts on “Recent sales (December 7 – December 20)”

  1. Alas, your first pic isn’t coming through. πŸ™
    Hope you celebrate your $20k year with a mircobrew or two. πŸ™‚
    I’m looking forward to seeing your year in review. Sounds like a fair bit of work, but it will prove quite illuminating.

      1. I see it now. Curious. The blog page was originally open for 15 minutes or more before I wrote my comment, and the pic never appeared. This time I open the page, there is the pic, as plain as day! How about I blame my service provider (hated for their slowness, Telebec) or my old computer … you choose. πŸ˜€

        1. It happened to me, too. In a hotel with crappy wi-fi was more likely MY problem! Lol Perseverance is key!

  2. I continue to LOVE your blog posts. It boggles my mind that folks discard all of the items that you manage to find and re-circulate into the economy. Beautiful and terrific work! Congratulations on the likelihood of reaching your financial goal for this year!!!

  3. You are a great inspiration to me. I’m trying to do pretty much the same here in Texas however where I live everything goes in bags & bins and it’s rare to find people moving out in the small towns around me. So I hit up Goodwill and yard sales. I’ve not made anywhere near what you have but I think I’ve done pretty well this year with Etsy and Ebay too. I look forward to your posts, Merry Christmas!

  4. as of today,up to about the 7 jan,now is one of the Hottest ‘burb pickin’ times of the year aside from moving day plus zip competition πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ (cartierville,st-laurent,laval),people get new stuff,clear out the old gold,in the past i’ve found food,cash,booze galore(drinker’s remorse?) stereo systems,great winter gear & my beloved old-school ken wood 3-way integrated volume & fuse speakers!! merry xmas & happy pickin’ ! after there 7th things pretty much go dormant for awhile,joe πŸ˜‰

    1. I’m also thinking the next week will be good. Will definitely be hitting up the richer neighbourhoods and suburbs. Will keep everyone posted, as usual…

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