Recent sales: October 26 – November 8

Online sales have continued to pick up as the holiday season approaches and the cold weather sets in. Unlike last time there were no big-ticket sales (nothing sold for over 100$) but the smaller profits still added up to a respectable total. I plan on spending the next few weeks listing as much as possible for the Christmas rush, and I’m optimistic about reaching my goal of 20k for the year.


1. 8mm projector: On Kijiji for 40$. Found a few weeks ago in TMR.


2. Wood chandelier: On Kijiji for 100$. I really liked this chandelier. I might have kept it myself if I was a homeowner, but as a renter it doesn’t make much sense to get too involved in home renovation. Found early September in TMR.


3. Broken 50″ Plasma HDTV: On Kijiji for 60$. Found two weeks ago in TMR.

4. Perfumes: To a reader for 18$. Included a half bottle of Chanel #5 for 15$ (Hampstead), and a nearly empty vintage bottle of Guerlain Mitsouko for 3$ (Golden Square Mile).


5. Sankyo wind-up musical keychain: On eBay for 33$. Found this summer in Westmount.

6. Ray-ban aviators: On eBay for 40$. The lenses weren’t pristine, but they were in good enough shape to net me some cash.


7. Gold plated Montblanc pen: On eBay for 70$. Found May 2015 in TMR, but just recently listed. A quick seller! There was a bit of damage to the plating, otherwise it would have went for much more.

8. 1950s restaurant menu (Cascade Lodge in Saco Maine): On eBay for 12$. Found late January in Verdun.


9. Vintage brass adjustable book holder: On eBay for 90$. I would have love to have kept this (I’ve been using it in the interim) but I’m not rich enough to turn down 90$. Found March 2015 in TMR.


10. Chalkware barmitzvah cake topper: On eBay for 23$. I was wondering if this would ever sell. Found May 2014 in Snowdon.


11. Moschino sunglasses: On eBay for 48$. One of many nice pairs of sunglasses I found in Westmount back in May.


12. “Discover Shibui” – 1960 issue of House Beautiful: On eBay for 50$. Apparently this is one of the more valuable issues of this magazine. Found late April in NDG.


13. Lot of WWII-era felt patches: On eBay for 50$. Found in March at that same spot in NDG.

Total: 634$, 17072.25$ since the new year began.

8 thoughts on “Recent sales: October 26 – November 8”

  1. Looks like you’re going to make your goal if you keep listing these items. Good work – and so interesting to see what you find and how much you can sell it for.

    1. If I could crank them out any faster I would, ha ha. Have you read all 3.5 years worth yet? Either way, I should have one up tomorrow or the next day.

  2. I am a university student living in Ahuntsic.I am struggling slightly but do not want to go to a food bank.I have been looking outside supermarkets in the trash bins for good discarded food but have not found anything so far.Everytime I look in the trash bins and recycling bins
    of the Streets,I find cans and bottles or reusable discarded electronics.I take the cans and bottles.But where can I dumpster-dive for free food in the Ahuntsic area?I do scavenging only at night.I need some tips

    1. Try smaller stores. Larger stores may not have the garbage accessible.

      My friend Helen, who was homeless, she’d find fruit and vegetables in back of a small vegetable store. I don’t think there was anything special, probably any small store might offer things.

      She also discovered (but maybe someone told her) a bakery that most nights put out quite a bit of edible items, complete in plastic bags separating it from the rest of the garbage. But I’m not sure that one was obvious,
      getting to the garbage seemed complicated.

      I was once in a Laura Secord when they were tossing a large bag of cashews (at least the size of a pillow) that was fine but had passed the “expired” date. But most of those have moved into malls, where the garbage is much less accessible.

      A lot of people likely don’t want to publicize where they find things, after all it could mean competition, and maybe result in the place being more careful. You need to find the people who are already doing it, and hope they might give you some tips directly. Find the “freegans”. I thought The People’s Potato was still offering a free meal each weekday, but more important, they perhaps might have some tips.

      It’s the wrong time, but when students move out in late April (and a smaller number towards the end of August), thy often leave behind food.


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