Dog days


I stopped at this pile in the Mile End while on a casual bike ride. There were three different colors of trash bags on the curb (orange, green, and black). While it’s certainly not definitive I do tend to find more cool things when people use different types of bags. It’s an odd observation, but my guess is that when cleaning up or cleaning house people will just use up whatever bags they have on hand instead of saving them for their intended purpose.

While I was looking around a woman called out and told me everything was junk. She didn’t seem to mind me poking around though.


She was mostly right. However, I came across something she perhaps overlooked – a 10k gold ring curiously attached to a (lucky charm?) keychain.


The ring weighs around 1.3 grams and is worth about 30$ in scrap gold. It ends my gold drought that I was lamenting not long ago.


I also saved a cool St John’s Ambulance first aid book that was published in 1967.


Otherwise, I came across another pile while biking around, this time a little further east. It sat behind a not particularly well maintained apartment complex.


Inside was a collection of change, most of which was already rolled up. Oddly, most of the change was American. Thankfully, the bank machine happily accepts that. There was over 10$ in all.


I find change in different quantities fairly regularly. I put it all in a box and bring it to the change machine when it starts piling up. Any guesses as to what this all came to? I’ll let you know in my next sales tally. Keep in mind that a few foreign coins are mixed in with the rest.

It was a fairly slow week overall, at least until Friday. I’ll post about that stuff in the near future!

10 thoughts on “Dog days”

  1. Hi Martin,

    I have been out of the hunter since taking a tumble off my bike, but still look once an awhile. Would it be possible to sell that gold ring as is, instead of getting the lowest value by selling it as scrap?

    Best wishes,

  2. I always keep my US coin in a jar and I may not go to the U.S.A for 5 or 6 years but when I do I stop off at a casino and they convert it to paper money for free. I am in and out of there. With the exchange rate I figure it is worth the wait.

  3. Martin, when you find an accumulation of small change like this, I hope that you check first for silver coins before feeding the rest into a machine? Just a thought…

  4. true, silver coins,collectable dates or american coins,0.76 can v.s. 1.00 u.s, if i collected them & brought them to the bank teller,i always got the exchange,joe 😉

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