Mini-post: The Hampstead Slugger


I opened a familiar recycling bin in Hampstead last week and found a nice surprise. This guy either doesn’t understand or doesn’t care about the concept of recycling. The bin was filled with obviously non-recyclable items, including the bag of kitchen scraps that’s visible in the background.

One particular non-recyclable item was noteworthy though. You can see it poking up from the bottom left-hand side.


It was a really nice, apparently unused Louisville Slugger!



It’s a beautiful bat that bears the signature of Johnny Bench, the great Cincinatti Reds catcher and first ballot Hall of Famer. You can see some highlights of his playing career on Youtube. If I understand this highly detailed (and intense) guide correctly the bat is legit vintage and was made in the late 60s or early 70s.

I’m a big baseball fan and would love to keep this for myself. However, a pretty similar bat recently sold at auction for 100$ + shipping. This website is selling another one for 150$. I can’t turn down that kind of money!

5 thoughts on “Mini-post: The Hampstead Slugger”

  1. Beautiful find.That is why I always say you should open recycling bins too,not just garbage bags.And please do not forget to check out the big plastic trash cans and recycling bins outside apartment buildings and high-rise condo complexes.I find great treasures in them sometimes like dolls,vintage coins,turntables,skates,etc.

  2. Congrats on that find. Reminds me of the hockey clubs I picked up last year. Not worth a lot but easily sold.

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