I haven’t found much recently. I don’t currently have use of the car so I’ve been stuck with nearby but less consistently productive routes such as Villeray, Park Ex, the Plateau, and Rosemont. These neighbourhoods certainly have their treasures but finding them is more needle in a haystack-y than in richer areas with larger houses. It doesn’t help that each of these places (other than some parts of Rosemont) have two trash pickup days a week, meaning I have to work twice as hard to see the same amount of garbage.

It feels a bit funny to say this because in the earlier days of this blog I went to these places religiously. I’ve evolved a bit since then I suppose, though I might just be less patient because of the availability of a car.

I can’t blame my dry week totally on the arrondissements, however: I also didn’t do much to help myself. I slept in before my Mount Royal route, losing the opportunity to check out a house that I really didn’t want to miss. I’m still kicking myself and fantasizing about what could have been saved. I’ll be there tomorrow, hopefully everyone waited a week before throwing out the good stuff!

This week has been a little better so far. I took a casual garbage walk with a friend in the Plateau and came across this great wood trunk. I inspected it and it looked clean – evidence in nearby trash showed that it was left behind from a move. We walked it back to her house around six blocks away, taking many stops to break and enjoy the weather. It’s a hand carved piece that I would guess was made in China in the 1970s. It needs a good dusting but I imagine it could be sold for at least 100$ on Craigslist, more if given extensive TLC.


Today I started a bit late and went to Park Ex. It’s a low-income neighbourhood but once in a blue moon I’ll find some really great stuff. There wasn’t a lot to see but I did enjoy finding this big old hand-painted landscape signed by someone by the last name of Santerre. I doubt it’s worth a lot but I’m a sucker for original art. If anyone knows where this place is let me know, it could increase the value but I’m also just curious. My guess is that it’s from somewhere in the Eastern Townships.

Outside of this I found a nearly complete Mastercraft drill bit set and two shopping bags full of funky bangles.


I found these antlers in Park Ex around a month ago. The woman throwing them out seemed happy to be rid of them – I’d guess they belonged to her husband! The antlers are really huge, I can’t imagine them being from a deer but I’m far from an expert. I have some research to do but I imagine they’re worth a bit as a decoration or an art material.

Last two weeks sales (July 7 – July 20)
-Gold and silver scrap: 550$. I wrote about this transaction a few posts ago.
-Vintage “Eau de Joy” perfume: on Ebay for 40$. I found this at a pre-estate sale purge in CDN. It’s the second scent I’ve sold on Ebay.
-Yard sales: 160$. It was great to hit the streets once again and I hope to do it again very soon.
-Old food pamphlets: 5$.
Total: 755$, 2070$ since May 18. This is an excellent total. However, without the scrap sale (which happens perhaps 2 or 3 times a year) the numbers would look much worse. Ebay sales have been slow despite my increased focus on listing. However, this is apparently normal in the summer months and just means I’ll make a killing around Christmas.

9 thoughts on “Arrondissements”

  1. It is the summer lull. IN the spring, people are moving out or doing spring cleaning, or getting ready for a July 1st move. I

    Once that’s over, things quiet down quite a bit. Garage sales are awful this time of year, there aren’t that many, and they tend to be trinkets, not the movies, books, neat things of someone shedding before a move.

    It gets too hot to do much, so might as well relax than sort through stuff to get rid of, the cooler weather is for that.

    It is unfortunate, since it is way better to go out looking in this kind of weather than in the cold.


  2. great to read you!
    Really good job, you are doing!
    i always take differents things in the garbage and give them on the facebook page free stuff or give them to friends who need them… Not so many things like you!
    People throw away a lot of different things and don’t think it will be a treasure for other people…
    recycling is a way of life!
    friendly Claudia B, e-artiste

  3. The painting looks to me as a representation of the North Shore (Côte-Nord). Definitely exactly the scene I’d expect to see from the dock of a couple small villages up there, minus the sailboats.

  4. Great trunk! It looks very clean. You’re sure to get a buyer for that.

    I think your antlers are from a white-tailed deer (but somebody like Sean could tell you for sure).

    Love the landscape. It’s a wonderfully relaxing scene. It doesn’t look like anything I’ve seen in the Eastern Townships.

  5. Those looks like Moose antlers because of the paddle shapes. If you;re willing to pack them, I bet you could sell them for a good amount on eBay.

    1. Thanks, I’ll have to check them out and see what they look like from the other side but I think you’re right. I’d be a huge box but it could be worthwhile to eBay them

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