Fab Friday


Yesterday provided some fantastic finds both old and new. I went to NDG and Westmount to start the day, checking out places where I had found some cool things the trash day prior. The house where I found the radio on Tuesday produced once again.


I love folk art and think this piece is particularly great. The artist’s (almost certainly a young boy) name is carved on the back along with “Camp Hiawatha” and the year 1950. Camp Hiawatha has been defunct for quite some time now and if my research is correct the (very beautiful) 388 acre tract of land it sat on is currently for sale for a mere 1.25 million dollars.

As for the art itself, the Montreal Royals were a minor league baseball team for many years between 1897 and 1960 – long before the Expos came to town. It’s most famous for being the AAA club for the Dodgers from 1946-1960 and the team Jackie Robinson broke the colour barrier with. The Robinson’s apparently loved living in Montreal, finding it to be very open, accepting, and a refuge from the severe racism they experienced in other cities.

I think this piece is pretty special. I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever collect enough thrown-away folk art to make an exhibit. If I do this will be one of my favourites.


There were several old books, many of which are related to Judaism, history and philosophy. Most are in excellent shape.


I always enjoy finding anything Expo-related. This Expo 67 passport doesn’t have many stamps; the owner apparently only went to the Great Britain exhibit (or perhaps only got the one stamp).


Written on this plate is an invitation to a 1955 Bar Mitzfah celebration. Can someone remind me what this type of plate is called?


Some random trinkets. The keys are for a 1968 Mustang. The thing at the top is marked Birks Sterling. I’m not sure what it does – my guess would be a notepad holder. If you have any ideas let us know!


Inside this brown envelope was a collection of cool ephemera including an image of Barbie with an attached fan club subscription paper, a Beatles playing card and a dime holder made for World Child’s Day. Inside the dime holder were five silver dimes, the oldest dating 1936 and the newest dating 1962.


There were also a couple of old 1964 calendars and a hand-out from a McGill fraternity.


Yogi Bear made an appearance. This plastic mug was made in 1961 and has some collector’s value even with the paint loss.


I stopped here to see if there was anything inside the boxes on the right hand side. They ended up containing a collection of books and records. As I was taking them a woman called out to me, telling me that they weren’t in good condition from spending too long in the basement. These were apparently castaways from a larger collection that she’s trying to sell – she even gave me her phone number to call if I was interested.


Some books weren’t in great condition but many were just fine, maybe a little dirty but easily cleaned up. I think people generally make too big a deal about the musty smell. From my experience leaving the item in the sunlight clears that up pretty quickly in mild cases. There’s some nice books here, some of which were published in the late 1800s and early 1900s.


The records were an odd collection of kids stuff and 90s industrial and electronic. I sold one of the records (an Aphex Twin single) to a room-mate for a couple of bucks.


I was done with the NDG / Westmount route relatively early and decided to go the other way to see what Rosemont had to offer. I’d glad I went. This spot in particular produced some great finds.


I almost passed right on by. I only stopped because this odd wooden thing (let me know if you know what this is!) caught my eye – the rest of the items were hidden behind a minivan.


Around the boxes was this framed Spanish print.


There was an old manual typewriter in its original metal carrying case. It seems to work fine.


Inside a box were a couple of old chalkware pieces, including one of Brother Andre.


Also inside a box was this devil ashtray. As soon as I picked it up I knew I had something special.


It was made in the Bavaria “Germany US Zone” by Royal Bayreuth. That mark indicates that it was made shortly after the end of WWII.


The devil series by Royal Bayreuth is very collectible. I found two online that sold for 168.50 and 144.50, but I think if I set a “Buy it now” price on Ebay I can make 200 or more.


This house on 8th Avenue has been throwing things out like they won the lottery. I’ve found nice watches, a fancy brand-new leather wallet and an entire stereo set-up in weeks past.


This week I found a whole bunch of bike parts. Whoever owned all this spent a lot of money – the “Crank Brothers” 5050 pedals (used but in good condition) and chain cleaner (seemingly brand new) easily go for 40 bucks a piece new. I’m going to keep the chain cleaner and the yellow tire removing tool but the rest I’m going to donate to the local bike co-op.


There were three practically new bike seats. The middle one (by Selle Italia) sells for around 150$ new. A used model similar to the Specialized on the right sold for 75$ on Ebay. The left (by Scott) is still nice but not as expensive – I’ll bring that one to the co-op.


I think these like-new Kryptonite bike locks (with the original keys!) take the cake. The one on the right sells easily in store for 40$ and the one at bottom left might go for even more. Both of these are upgrades on my current bike locks. I took offence at finding these both as a cyclist and as a poor person. I remember buying my current lock for around 30$ and stressing at that cost. It would have been fine if these things were placed in a box on the curb with a free sign but instead they were hidden away in a trash can.

Regardless, yesterday was awesome from both an interesting finds and financial perspective. Days like this help make up for the inevitable dry stretches.

A friend just texted me wanting to have a yard sale tomorrow. It’s going to be sunny and fairly warm so I think I’ll join in. If you want to come (or if you want to buy something in general) send me an email at thingsifindinthegarbage@gmail.com and I can give directions.

14 thoughts on “Fab Friday”

  1. Quite a variety here, some good money-makers and some interesting bits of ephemera too.

    Interesting … you show the Holy family and brother Andre … and then in the next pic, the devil! Hahaha Great devil!

    And I know how much you like your typewriters. šŸ™‚

  2. hi martin, i believe the silver plate is used for the daguerrotype process.please send the address for your yard sale tomorrow; i would like to come by.thanksmichelle

    Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2014 20:10:23 +0000 To: michellemilne@hotmail.com

  3. Love the devil ashtray!! The sterling notebook holder looks like a comb holder, not sure. Congrats again, great finds.

  4. i loved your findsa ,especially the devil ashtray and the Yogi Berra plastic mug.So cute!
    There have been a lot of posh new condo buildings constructed in St.Henri along the LaChine canal over the last 10 years.Please scavenge in St.Henri.I have never seen you write a report on finds in St.Henri.The southern part of St.Henri has garbage/recycling pickup on Monday mornings.

  5. I thought the Expo ’67 passports were red, with gold embossed letters. It’s been a while since I saw mine,it’s somewhere around, but that’s what I remember. So either they changed, or perhaps that isn’t a full season pass. The latter would explain why there aren’t many stamps in it. That seemed to be one of the highlights of having the passport, be sure to have it stamped at every pavilion you visited.


  6. It’s always great to hear about your findings! It reminds me of some parts of my childhood like the Yogi Bear mug my sister had. And you always seem to find things about Expo 67!
    Keep up the good work. I wish my town garbage would be as interesting, but it’s not the case.

  7. Okay the piece from Birks that you’re not sure of is the top part of a silver brush and comb set. I had the exact piece from my Mother’s silver brush, mirror and comb set. The matching silver top to the comb had become unglued. I was able to re-glue it.

    You find amazing stuff, it’s really unfortunate that people throw out so much history.
    As for the buttons, many sewers and crafters are always looking for buttons, you can either donate to the Salvation Army or list on Kijiji as “free”.

    I think you doing a great community service and also making from $$ for yourself. I wish Ottawa had such good garbage!

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