The Spectre of Defeat


This morning I ventured out to Ville St Laurent for one of their heavy trash pickup days. I hoped to find some bigger stuff, maybe some nice vintage furniture. There wasn’t much of that this time around but I still came away with some cool items.

This pile was on Cote-Vertu west of Alexis Nihon. There were a lot of older things here.


The pieces of this punch set were wrapped individually with a newspaper from 1988. Overall they filled one black trash bag. A few pieces had broken, but it’s still a nice set which I’d guess was made in the 1960s.


I saved this cookie jar of approximately the same vintage from another bag. It was a bit grimy but it cleaned up really nice. It’s an old “Made in Japan” piece.


I also found an old 1950s Smirnoff mug marked as being made of “solid copper.” It would have been part of a set. Too bad I didn’t find more because these mugs are pretty collectible. I found one that sold for 13$ at auction on Ebay, meaning that I could probably get 20$ for it if I were to set a specific price. It needs a bit of cleaning but I’d guess that it wouldn’t be too hard to get it shiny again.


I found these five unopened containers of sugar in a bin next to some obvious moving-related garbage. They seem fine and I’m sure they’ll be put to good use.


I came across this baby pile later on. I think the bin had already been emptied and taken away. I took the drink mixer and the crock pot. The former doesn’t seem to work but the crock pot seems to work great. It’s an older one with a ceramic insert.


Not far away was another baby pile. Too bad the bin was gone as I would have loved to have looked inside.


There were a few interesting old things, including this Newsweek magazine from 1972. It’s from around the time that the US realized they weren’t going to win in Vietnam.


I thought this old framed print was really beautiful. The glass was pretty dirty when I found it but it cleaned up very well. It’s in great condition. I think it’s a lithograph from the 1930s or 40s.


I checked out a little bit of a Rosemont trash day on the way back and came across this collection of books, cassettes, video-cassettes and records. Some of the stuff was damaged by must or moisture but I managed to salvage several records.


The records themselves are in excellent condition, barely even any scratches. That gives them a bit of value even if some of the covers are a bit warped. The most interesting is probably the soundtrack for the 1976 Summer Olympics that took place in Montreal (bottom right).


I was looking through my finds from last week and found a couple of things I had previously overlooked. I found this French-English dictionary on Thursday in Glenmount. It’s a pretty awesome dictionary, one that cost 36.95 in 1985. According to the Bank of Canada that would be 73.72 today.


I also found this massive fur in Hampstead on Tuesday. It’s a scarf that looks to have 5 different tails on both ends. It also has pockets. It’s in really good condition and I’m sure it must have cost a pretty penny when it was originally bought. I imagine this’ll end up on my Etsy store but I have some research to do before setting a price.

Tomorrow I plan on going to a different part of Ville St Laurent and perhaps Hampstead as well. I’ll let you know how it goes.

4 thoughts on “The Spectre of Defeat”

  1. That old print is sweet! What are its dimensions?

    That’s an unusual cookie jar. Cookie jars have their own collector crowd. There’s quite a variety on ebay.

    That fur is in great shape. I’m looking forward to seeing your new and improved Etsy store.

  2. I believe the name of the last item is mink “stole” (rather than scarf).
    Poor minks, at least 9 had their tails and hides stolen.
    A coworker donated multiple, inherited fur coats to an animal shelter for animals to cuddle in.

    1. There’s a link to it in the “Buy my garbage” tab above. There’s nothing on there right now, I’ve been pretty lazy about getting things up there, but I hope soon to get a whole bunch of stuff up. Keep checking back, though once I get the store set up I’ll likely mention it on the blog as well.

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